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Aug 4, 2007 02:04 PM

restaurant 4580 Boulder

Anyone been? Was thinking about it due to the views of the foothills- would like to hear what others have thought. Thanks!

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  1. We've eaten there but under the original chef. Don't know who's cooking there now. Menu tends toward the Mediterranean. Owner used to work at the Flagstaff House, so his standards are high. Initially, service didn't always live up to those standards, but it has improved steadily. Very pleasant place, esp now that (as I understand) the noise level has been damped down. Patio gets mixed reviews, tho' we've been there in winter so haven't tried it. Yes, there is a Foothills view, but the windows face west, so looking into the setting sun is not pleasant -- and if they have translucent shades, they lower them at that time, as do most west-facing Front Range restaurants.