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Aug 4, 2007 01:22 PM

Italian for 5

My parents and friends of theirs are visiting me in nyc next month, and while I've made reservations for four of the fives days they'll be visiting the remaining day is inducing a small headache. For starters it's Labor Day, which I think means a lot of places will be closed. What's more is what I (I mean my parents) desire; they want a nice Italian place that's not too loud nor too trendy. Ordinarily I'd do Max, Celeste or Gennaro but no reservations is a deal breaker. They've been to Babbo (ok), L'Impero (great), A Voce (too noisy), and Fiamma (good). I was thinking about trying something less fancy seeing as we've tried many of the fancier places (they've been to Del Poso and Felidia too).

So far all I've come up with is Crispo, but I'm worried it'll be too noisy and/or too trendy?

Any and all suggestions would be most welcome!


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  1. The decor at Crispo doesn't seem trendy and there is a mixed crowd, so it doesn't scream trendy to me. It's loud but not offensively so. I don't feel that I have to yell to communicate.

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      I never found Crispo overly loud except maybe on a Saturday night from 6:30 on.
      Trendy? I'm not sure I know what that is supposed to mean but it sure doesn't sound like good ol' down home Crispo to me
      That's the place I would suggest.

    2. Barbone in the east village is idea....very fine cooking...reasonable prices and not ruined by trendsetting wannabees...yet...

      1. I'm a fan of Cacio de Pepe in the E. Village, also of Cesca on the UWS (a bit overrated, but the food's still good).