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Aug 4, 2007 01:06 PM

BB&B / Macys Casual Dinnerware

So, I just got home from Bed Bath and Beyond and Macys, as I am in search of inexpensive, casual dinnerware. On sale at Macys is their "Macy's Cellar" Everydayware dishes - Solid white in either round or square, and one option for the salad plates has a black fleur-de-lis design in the center. Also available - a black band on the dinner plates. They're nice looking for inexpensive / casual. At BB&B, they also had a flat white everyday-ware made by Fitz and Floyd with quite a few open stock pieces available. Does anyone have any experience with either of these dinnerware lines? I originally had my heart set on the Nova Black dishes made by Sango, but on CH, Amazon and everywhere else I checked, I heard tales of cracking in the microwave and dishwasher and generally crappy quality. I wonder if the others I mentioned above are prone to this too. Any information would be wonderful.

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  1. I recently purchased three sets of service for four of this Dansk pattern called Cafe Blanc at the Lenox Outlet Store. They're all white, good for everyday, go right into the microwave with no problem, and they're really quite nice looking. Between a store sale and a 25%-off coupon that someone in the store handed me, the entire service for 12 cost me about $90. I usually prefer buying open stock because I don't use the cups and saucers included with most dinnerware sets. This set came with really large mugs, which I don't need either, but for the price I paid, I won't mind giving them away.

    1. i dunno how you feel about ikea or even if you have one close by, but they have open stock solid white pieces usually on sale for about $1.00. i've had mine for years and they don't crack.. and yes i cook a lot so the plates get used.. i put them in the fridge, freezer, microwave, dishwasher... i've had them from when i was in my apt and they made it through the move to my house... i have bowls, plates, glasses... i wish i could help you re bbb or macys... my own personal preference of the 2 is macys.... i wish i could give you a really good explanation, other than i like macys better....

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        Thank you both for your responses. Unfortunately, I don't have an Ikea nearby. It sounds like both yof you got really great deals. I decided to go ahead and take the plunge and bought service for 12 (open stock) at Macys plus other random serving pieces. I even got 12 Fiesta salad sized plates in bright red that look great with the white plates that have the black rim - just for fun. Spent more than I meant to and I hope the plates last. (I like Macy's too - they have great sales and I always have coupons). Thanks again.

      2. My one word of advice is, BUY CHINA, and I don't mean the country. You can get dinnerware in casual china instead of stoneware, etc., and you will have it for years, it doesn't craze or chip or crack. In over forty seven years of marriage,I have had many sets of dinnerware, but it took me about 30 years to realize that china was the only way to go.

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          I guess there are different ways of looking at that. I agree that there's a place for better china, be it casual or more formal. But as for my everyday stuff, I get tired of colors and patterns, and I enjoy replacing or adding dinnerware to give my table a new look. I don't really want to keep a set of everyday dishes for many years, so I'm happy to spend a little less and replace it when it no longer suits me. I'm likely to buy colors or patterns or shapes that suit a particular need or desired effect, so right now I have four very different sets of everyday dinnerware, and I use them all.

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            I agree with you about getting tired of patterns, and that is why I have at least five different sets of everyday china. China just wears so much better,and you can buy informal china as inexpensively as the other kind. I go to outlet malls,Dalton,Lennox,etc.,buy only sets of six or eight, as I rarely do dinners for more then six anymore.

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              I do exactly the same thing. I'll buy 4-6 dinner plates, salad plates and sometimes soup bowls, and that's all I need. Then I find place mats and napkins to match or contrast. One of my most beautiful "sets" consists of 6 large, hand-painted dinner plates, all with different patterns but similar colors, that I bought in Italy. They each have a dark blue line around the rim. I pair them with dark blue 'Sausalito" salad plates I bought at Pottery Barn.