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Ideas for last night in the city, please

Mother/daughter trip (we're old - don't think teens!)

Would like a fun place for our last night in the city. We're staying midtown, but don't mind going downtown.

We're planning to have dinner our first night at Vynl; next day lunch at Payard; next day brunch at Balthazar. I need a plan for Sunday evening following at matinee. (I'm just planning one meal a day --- we'll have breakfast in our hotel and snack as we go.)

I also would welcome comments on the planned restaurants. None are "have to's."

Thanks for all your advice!

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  1. You could have a memorable meal and an enjoyable time at Babbo--shouldn't be too hard during post-matinee hours to get a table up front near the bar. The wait is never too long, and the service is great. For that matter, eating at the bar is fun there, too.

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      Another idea is Stanton Social in the Lower East side--can be a bit of a "scene" but shouldn't be on a Sunday night. Lots of small and amazing tapas-style dishes. Fun and delicious.

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        We have an early res next Sunday after a 3 pm show in the theater district at Gotham Bar & Grill.
        I have never been there and am anxious to finally try it.

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          Good call on The Stanton Social...on a Sunday night, it shouldn't be difficult to get in.

      2. Thanks so much for your suggestions. While I would love to eat at Babbo's and GB&G, they are a little more expensive than what I want to spend.

        We will either do last minute shopping after the play or take a pedicab tour of Central Park, so we'll want to eat around 6:30 or 7:30.

        I'll take a look at Stanton Social.

        Thank you!

        1. I have never heard of Vynl so I dont know if that is a good or bad sign.. Does anyone here think Vynl is worth visiting..

          1. Have you ever heard of the Boat Basin? It's not a "foodie's paradise" but a great place to end the day. THe atmosphere is amazing, but if you want a seat over looking the Hudson, be prepared to wait. It's on 79th. it can be tricky to find, but it is really fun.

            if you want to combine touristy with food, spend your afternoon at the MOMA, and enjoy one of their many restaurants. the food is pricey but amazing. i had a wonderful persciutto and melon salad last weekend and a mission black fig and gorgonzola panini. Yum (sorry for my spelling)

            1. Thank you.
              Yes, I have heard of the Boathouse. WAs thinking of squeezing that in for cocktails, maybe.
              I hope someone will comment on Vynl. I usually research a restaurant on several sites, so it must have been recommened on more than one......but that is my problem....too much researching....something negative inevitably arises for the price point I want (not Per Se type budget!).

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                Vynl is a diner-ish place with an eclectic menu and a disco-y look -- some salads, some sandwiches, some thai food. I assume you're thinking of the one in Hell's Kitchen, which is close to midtown. I've only tried their new location on the UWS, and only takeout sandwiches/salads/wraps, but I found it to be average diner-style food. There are probably other, more interesting choices in West Midtown/Hell's Kitchen if that's what you're looking for. Uncle Nick's (greek) might not be a bad choice, and I've seen recommendations for Roberto Passon for Italian and Marseilles for French/Mediterranean.

                Beyond midtown, you could also try something quintessentially NY, like pizza at Lombardi's or pastrami at Katz's -- fun and not quite as pricey as Babbo or Gotham Bar & Grill. You could also try Otto for a cheaper Batali experience with good wine and gelato.

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                  Where is Vynl on the UWS? I love the Hell's Kitchen location. It is not exactly a "go-to" destination if you're visiting NYC, but it is very satisfying when you're looking for a kitschy diner where the onions rings are crisp and there's Elvis playing in the theme bathrooms.

              2. Yes, Vynl in Hell's Kitchen, but I surely don't want diner food! Thanks so much for warning me off.

                Re Otto, have you been lately? I have read some comments about bad service.

                Was thinking to do Carnegie instead of Katz, just for reasons of where we will be later.

                I'll take a look at Marseilles and your other ideas. I really appreciate your help.

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                  I've been to Vynl many times. While I wouldn't make it a destination restaurant, it's a great place for lunch before a matinee. I've always enjoyed everything I've had there. If you go, you must visit the bathroom - fun theme inside each.

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                    Carnegie and Katz should not be used in the same sentence. Katz may close soon (temporarily) so if you want to venture downtown (vs. midtown) go there.

                  2. Not sure what the prices are like these days (reasonable from my recollection), but if you want to go in another direction altogether, Momafuko in the east village was fabulous and inventive last time I went there. The NYT review was glowing.

                    1. Thanks for your posts.

                      My mother is not really crazy about Asian, so that eliminates so intriguing places like MOmafuko. I too have heard positive reports.

                      1. Hey its Sunday, to me, Sundays are for Chinese Food.. Why not hit some place in Chinatown.. I am a fan of Great New York Noodle Town for duck egg rolls, snails in black bean sauce, wonderful roasted suckling pig or duck, and salt baked shrimp...

                        I like Oriental Seafood Garden for dim sum and Chinese Seafood..

                        Grand Sichuan and Wu Yang Li for spicy Sichuan..

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                          . . .And Chinatown Ice Cream Factory for dessert.

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                            Vynl just opened on Columbus and 84th(?) on the UWS, for the person who asked. Maybe it's not their best location or maybe I'm ordering poorly, but I've found it to be pretty mediocre.

                            The last time I went to Otto was fairly late on a Sat night. It's a noisy, busy, fast place, though it might be a bit more calm on a Sunday. I like it, but I know a lot of people don't.

                            Definitely agree that Katz's is worth the trip, unless you're more like the tourists I've seen in there that go in and order horrendous stuff like turkey on white bread with mayo. That's not why you go to Katz's. (By the way, why is Katz's closing temporarily?)

                        2. If you're going to be around Hell's Kitchen a great modern mexican option is Hells Kitchen (47th and 9th). If you don't want to splurge on high-end italian, a nice rustic italian place might be nice like Aurora Soho or Ama. I am personally not a fan of Uncle Nick's, much better greek to be found elsewhere.

                          1. My input...I know that Balthazar is great for brunch, but I prefer dinner there...That would be a great "last nite in the city" dinner...Brunch at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill is great...

                            1. Thanks to all for your time and good ideas. As it turned out, we decided to squeeze in one more Broadway show on our last night. Did not have time to eat between matinee and evening show. Will keep your suggestions for next time. Thanks!