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Aug 4, 2007 10:57 AM

Table 52

After a long wait, Art Smith's Table is open at 52 West Elm in the building previously occupied by Albert's. Whoever did the design did a great job, and the atmosphere was interesting - it was comfortable, a place they we will be going back to again in the near future. I wouldn't call it real expensive, but it also isn't your local neighborhood eatery. Right now it is also BYOB as they are awaiting their liquor license.

We arrived at 7:15pm and were promptly seated. Art was making the rounds and making sure that he tried to stop at each table.

The food was great. My wife had the "Fish on a Plank" which yesterday was Halibut which she said was really good. I had the filet which was cooked perfectly. With both the presentation was also very nice. For desert we had teh Hummingbird cake - very tasty!

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