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Aug 4, 2007 10:41 AM

Fry Bake from Trinidad recipe? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I saw one of the more aggressive "I'll eat anying dead or alive" guys on TV enjoying (pigging out actually) on something in Trinidad, called a "Fry Bake: with shark meat. Does anyone know how to make these?

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  1. what show was it? Sounds interesting.

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    1. re: rra1024

      Andrew Zimmern, Travel Channel, Bizzarre foods.

      Sheesh, the guy loves to eat shocking foods, raw bugs, worms, hearts of kingfish, you get the idea.

      Sorry, not for me. Monday night 10PM he's on with Anthony Bourdain for two hours, going through New York to dine on every conceivable yukky food they can find. I'll probably TIVO it.

    2. Google "fried bake". Several recipes come up. Shark and Bake appears under the TriniGourmet site.

      1. This was an old post so not sure if you're still interested, but can I just tell you that there is absolutely no better sandwich on earth, especially when eaten on the beach on an early morning. Nothing beats it. Go to Maracas beach in Trinidad and ask for Tony. Worth the trip.