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Aug 4, 2007 10:41 AM

Lunch suggestion in Manasquan area

Could be anyplace in the area, but food has to be rather traditional (my parents). We go regularly to Squan, Rods, Forte, Old Mill, etc. Would like to try something new. I think the menu at Shipwreck is too sophisticated for my parents, and my mother doesn't eat seafood. Any suggestions?

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  1. Four Winds has good eats as does Scarborugh Fair right across the street

    1. Main Street Trattoria - Manasquan. Anything from Joe Leone's in Pt. Pleasant. Tabletop Gourmet in Brielle - also Eloise's Brielle in Brielle, not much to look at, but it's always packed, great for breakfast or lunch.

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      1. Thanks all. We ended up going to Bonefish in Brick (mom's pick). I have to say, it was actually pretty good. Service is a bit on the teenage side; food runner could not figure out the difference between a piece of swordfish vs grouper. It's not cheap. though. Somewhat limited menu, but my grilled grouper was quite fresh.
        I've made note of the other suggestions, and love Joe Leone's btw!

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          mschow - I feel the same way about Bonefish. I want to hate it since its a chain but I have to give it its due. The food was fresh and prepared well. They would do themselves a big favor however if they toned down those sauces and let the true flavors of the fish come out. I guess they are trying to appeal to the masses.

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            I agree with you, bgut...the fish is wonderful but the sauces could use a little tweaking. I'd also like to see the bad disco toned down a bit...having to shout over the music gets a bit tiresome after a long way to avoid it, the hostess told me, was to arrive and be gone before 8PM.