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Aug 4, 2007 10:41 AM

Cocktail Recipes for a Tapas Party

I'm hosting a tapas party and would like to offer 1-2 interesting cocktails. Any favorites you could share?

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  1. Sherry is a traditional, especially some of the dryer varieties. I recently had a variation that was very good. 2 ounces of dry or medium dry sherry, a half ounce of dry vermouth (Wya is super but Noilley Prat is fine too), and a hefty dash of Fees Peach Bitters, shaken well with ice and served straight up.

    1. 2 oz Brandy or Cognac
      1 oz Orange Jc.
      1oz Pomegranate Jc.
      ½ oz Amaretto
      2 dashes Oranges Bitters (Reagan’s No. 6)

      Shake w/ ice and strain into cocktsail glass. The orange, pom, and brandy/cognac should go well with the theme.

      1. Sangria is the typical drink that comes to mind. Here's a different variation of Sangria:

        CQ's White Sangria
        1 bottle of dry white wine
        1 lemon, sliced wedges
        1 lime, sliced wedges
        1 peach, sliced wedges
        1 pint strawberries, quartered
        1/2 cup cardomon seeds
        1/2 cup fresh thyme
        1/2 cup fresh rosemary
        1/2 cup lemonade or limeade (homemade preferred)
        1/2 cup sugar
        2 oz of alcohol (I prefer gin for the crispness, but it all depends on taste)

        Chill all above ingredients overnight (two days makes it better)

        Add 2 cups of ginger ale (ginger beer or soda water for a less sweet drink could be used) before serving

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          If you want to keep it simple, I would suggest Cosmopolitans (they are the #1 drink served in America) and flavored martinis, and of course since it is summertime Margaritas!

          but if you want to go "extreme"... I would say offer Alien invasions

        2. You could make sidecars (more of a classic cocktail rather than innovative and new)...
          2 parts brandy
          1 part lemon juice (fresh only)
          1 part cointreau (or equivalent)

          I have made the mix ahead of time, then shaken with ice and served on an individual basis. Serve up in a cocktail glass rimmed with sugar.

          Another idea is Clara/Champu (they called it that in parts of Catalonia). Lager-style beer and lemon soda pop mixed. It's light on alcohol and very refreshing.