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Aug 4, 2007 10:40 AM

where to get great salad in toronto

Does anyone know of a great reasonably priced salad place in toronto around the bloor and avenue road areas?

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  1. Fresh at Bloor and Spadina has good salads.

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    1. re: thought_for_food

      Two suggestions:

      a) Magic Oven (several locations) has a good variety of salads, eat-in or deliver - especially their garlicky chicken caesar (a lunch special at $9) and the Atkinian (meat-heavy) salad.

      b) The Pour House, a pub on the N side of Dupont at the top of St George, has an outstanding Steak salad done with stilton and a pink peppercorn dressing, around $13. The sliced steak is cooked to order and to degree of doneness requested.

    2. A bit north geographically, but I think the best salads in the city are at Hope Street Diner (or is it Cafe?) on Lonsdale at Spadina. Interesting combinations, huge portions and well priced. I love the ceasar with bacon and avocado. But they have about 5-6 other more unusual choices too.

      1. Try ViVetha Bistro at the east end of Queen street East, at 2845 on the south side in the same block as the streetcar loop. I'm not a salad eater but my SP (Special Person) is, and she reports they serve the best salad she's had. Certainly it was a generous portion. Judging by the taste I took from it, I concur that it's delicious. The menu lists several varieties of salads, with and without meat and seafood.

        1. That's a tall order: "reasonably priced" at Bloor and Avenue...

          No reasonably priced places come to mind, but for great salad, I've enjoyed good salads at Hemingways (!) and the salad bar at Whole Foods.

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            i would have to agree bloor + avenue salad = whole foods salad bar. they have amazing choice.

            1. re: cord

              another salad bar option would be the salad bar in the back of Noah's Fine Foods (bloor, north side, east of spadina)
              mmmmm tofu curry

          2. Anyone remember Joe Allen's, that used to be around the corner from King St., by the current location of the Princess of wales theatre? They had these great combo chopped salads that were a meal in a bowl. I have yet to find something exactly like that here - in the U.S., the Cheesecake Factory's salads are like that. Pickle Barrel and a few other places try, but they just dont' quite seem the same.

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            1. re: FresserGuy

              Allen's, formerly Joe Allen that was on John Street many years ago has been located on The Danforth for many years. They still make a good ceasar salad served in a big wooden bowl.

              1. re: GRobin

                So Allen's is actually the old Joe Allen's? I wasn't sure, and the menu doesn't seem anything like the old place - even if the ceaser is good, it's not the "meal in a bowl" combo salad. Then again, sometimes memories grow better over the years - nostalgia has a funny way of making the old seem better than it was:)