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Aug 4, 2007 09:40 AM

Don Fernando's (Fresno area)

Yesterday DH and I drove to Marshall to have lunch at Don Fernando's. It is a 45 min drive from Marks/Herndon area in NW Fresno.

The building was an old stagecoach stop and not much has been done to change that atmosphere either inside or out.

The food is as good as I remembered from his place in town. The lunch menu seemed to be basic Mexican (tacos, enchiladas, etc). But the dinner side of the menu was available at lunch. This was great because that's where the interesting items are. DH was delighted to see that he had kept the Lamb Colorado on the menu. It was as delish as ever. I had a skirt steak with a small homemade enchilada on top that oozed wonderful cheese. On top of all of that was a mole sauce from heaven.

Bad news: Wine list consisted of 3 or 4 bottles. Out of desperation, we chose the Clos du Bois which was very drinkable.

Good news: Corkage is $7. Next time we'll come prepared.

The server is Fernando's son. A delightfully nice young man.

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  1. Good to hear that they finally got their wine/beer license!! When we went a couple months ago it was just soda. Here's a former thread about DF's:

    I love his queso!! It is the absolute best. I had the shrimp mojo de ajo last time and it was yummy. SO wanted the Lamb Colorado but they were out when we were there, fairly dissappointed, but it just means we get to trek out there again for more delicious food!!

    One thing I miss (that I did not see on the new menu) when he had the Palm/Herndon location is the shrimp nachos. I worked just down the way and we would order these all the time. Homemade tortilla chips smothered with different cheeses, homemade red sauce, salsa, cilantro, beans, and sauteed shrimp on a wooden plank then finished in the oven to get everything all gooey and crispy!! I am craving that right now.

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      You should ask them to make the nachos for you. I went to the new DF twice recently. I was craving shrimp tacos (from a recent trip to Rosarito Beach) and they were kind enough to make them for me, extra spicy of course. Yum yum. I agree, their queso is awesome. I ordered two tacos along with a salad (field greens with a light, fruity vinaigrette) and was very satisfied!