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Aug 4, 2007 09:34 AM

Dinner out as an engagement gift

I have chowhound friends in Boston (zagats is their bible) who are getting married. I thought it would be fun to get them a gift certificate to an exciting restaurant. They are daring with their tasks and like a little kick to their food. Any suggestions? (I don't live in or near Boston, so I'm clueless). They live on the outskirts, so really could do any place. . . Thanks in advance! (I was thinking of giving around $75)

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  1. Ten Tables in JP would get a lot for the money if you're looking for the $75 to cover most of the bill. You could suggest the bar section of Chez Henri for a casual nite out. I noticed that Chiara in Westwood has a 3 course special Mon-Thurs. for about $33 for 3 courses, haven't been yet tho.