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Aug 4, 2007 09:03 AM

Nashville Vanderbilt Area

Hi. I will be touring Vanderbilt with my daughter on August 9-10. One dinner and a couple of lunches. Money no object. Would like one great interesting meal and a couple of regular local spots/hangouts. Any ideas. Thanks.

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  1. Check the recent "Suggestions for West Nashville" thread from a few months ago (last post May 30), pretty good coverage - Zola's for high end, Rotiers for the greasy cheeseburger. Of course Tin Angel too, on West End. Decent watering holes/restaurant choices with interesting shops in Hillsboro Village along 21st Ave on the southeast side of campus (down the street from the hospital area).

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      Park Cafe on Murphy Road just off West End is a great for a nice dinner. -- they have great fish, steaks, pork chops and appetizers. definitely try the green chili mac and cheese. A few other favorites in the "gulch" area which is near 12th ave off Broadway are Radius 10 -- more great seafood, shrimp and grits. It's a new/hip place with a nice view of Union Station and Flyte is in the same area; most of their food is organic and/or locally grown and they specialize in "flytes" of wine/food; it's owned by Vanderbilt grads which is a fun plus. One other standby for great food/fun atmosphere is the Boundry; it's been around for about 12 years and was of the first "hip" places to open and has stayed that way. Great tapas, pizzas and entrees. It has a fun atmosphere and is a typical favorite among the vandy crowd/parents

      For lunch, Jackson's in Hillsboro Village is great (sandwiches, wraps, salads, apps) and has a nice patio if it's not too hot. Bread & Co. on West End is a locally owned "chain" and has great sandwiches, salads, etc. South Street next to Boundry is a fun casual place for lunch or dinner; they have BBQ, steak & biscuits, enchiladas, etc. Lots of options for different tastes and all is done well (be sure to ask for white sauce with your bread!) Corner Pub is also a newer sports bar/sandwich place further down 21st avenue that has become a favorite for the college students. lots of tvs, steamed sandwiches, etc. One other VU favorite for lunch or casual dinner is "SatCo" (San Antonio Taco Company) they serve tex-mex food, buckets of beer and has a large patio. definitely nothing fancy but the VU students/alums go there in droves.

      hope this helps and enjoy your visit!