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Aug 4, 2007 07:52 AM

Do you ever blend wine at home?

Last night I poured two different wines into the same glass: 50% an overly oaky, huge California cabernet and 50% a lighter Chianti Classico. On their own, neither was perfect for what I was eating (Moroccan spiced pork loin), but the blend was outstanding. Any other good combos you can think of?

The wines I used: 2004 Selvapiana Chianti Rufina ($14) and 2004 Clayhouse Estate & Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles ($16).

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  1. I have a cousin who does it all the time. But he's the only one I've ever heard of until you. I guess you're not really doing anything much different from what the winemaker does in blending, except you're doing it at a different point in the life of the wine, which may influence the outcome. I suppose it can be fun and really can't hurt anything, but I think I'd tend to leave blending to people who know more about what they're doing (winemakers).

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      That is pretty much the way I look at it. We are trying to create a good wine that satisfies our taste.

    2. I do that once in a while. A splash of gruner veltliner or Marlborough sauvignon blanc can perk up a wine that's too low in acid.

      Once in a while I'll happen to open one red that's too bland and another that's too thin and tart and they'll taste better blended that separately.

      1. No, but I have done trade events, where groups were given 100% Cab S, Cab F, Merlot, Petite Verdot and Malbec and asked to "blend," for a taste-off. Great fun and very interesting. I've won a few of these, but usually because of a higher Cab F concentration, in years, when it was really worthwhile.

        I want to do one of these for my chapter of the W&F Society, but have not really gotten much interest from the membership - so far.

        Interesting topic,

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          I did one of those at Arrowwood once. My 50% cab franc blend was so much tastier than their 83% cab sauv ...

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            I found it interesting that in three of these, everyone else went for Cab/Merlot and just flat overlooked the Cab F, the PV and the Malbec. I tend to feel that they were all mixing on impulse and not tasting what they were concocting. Oh well, I ended up with an '85 Georges de Latour, a '92 Tapestry and a Beringer Private Reserve (forget the vintage). In the other two, things got a lot better, and I came in 2nd & ~6th. Still not bad for a room full of sommeliers and distributors, but no prize! I often think that a similar thing happens, when the "marketing department" does the blending.


        2. I've experimented.

          Once poured 1998 Seghesio Barolo into 2003 Ojai Melville Syrah. Wound up with a Cote Rotie...

          1. Hi, all. I was directed to this old post by ricrios. I was asking comments on blending wines. I take two that are at opposite ends of the acid/fruit spectrum and get something in between. I was buying taste untested wines and need to consume them, it seems to work for me. We had a wine merchant in town that did that as a sales service, "blend your wine". My question was answered. I now only buy wines online with a test bottle before a case investment . Thanks, Dennis