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Aug 4, 2007 07:47 AM

Japonaise Bakery-Brookline

I went here for the first time a few weeks ago and really had a nice experience. I got a scone and some iced coffee. Both were very good. My friend got a Japanese pastry sandwich (I'm not sure what it was called), but he really enjoyed it. I had always gone by on my bike but never stopped in. I'm glad I did this time. Does anyone have any experience there they'd like to share? How is the Savoy Bakery across the street? That's another place I was going to try.

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  1. As was mentioend recently in a different thread, their curry pan is quite good (though a bit greasy), and their cream puffs, when fresh, are very good. (I like the ones with adzuki)

    Also, if you are Japanese and miss the soft square sliced white bread that is common in Japan, they may be the only place around to get a decent one. (They're good for making sandwiches or french toast that look "genetically engineered"-perfect, though I myself don't usually find myself craving this)

    They also have an outpost in the porter exchange, though the selection can be more limited.

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      I am a big fan of their Shoku Pan, their sliced bread. As mentioned, it makes great French Toast. They have a version made with heavy cream too, as well as a wheat version.

    2. Try their sandwiches -- also very good for the style.

      I had the croissants at Savoy a while ago, and found them nice, but imho not as good as the ones at Japonaise. Buttery but also a bit more hefty. Would love to hear an update when you try them!

      1. I really like their stuff as well. I've also tried their custards ("purin"). While the texture is not as silky as the ones in Japan, they fill my "purin" cravings quite nicely. Love their breads. I always default to their white bread though - has anyone tried their wheat breads?

        1. Good to know that they have iced coffee (and that it's good!). I sometimes stop at the Dunkin' Donuts there for iced coffee, but there's often a very long line. Also I'm not really a fan of DD iced coffee, but thought that was the only option in that area.

          I bought a baguette and a cookie from Savoy Bakery awhile ago and wasn't happy with either. The texture of the baguette was weird and gross. The cookie was okay, but nothing special.

          1. I like Japonaise a fact, just ate one of their ham and cheese croissants, which are great. The sandwiches are fun if you like that kind of thing (potato croquette sandwixh, chicken cutlet, and the white bread ham/egg/turkey) the curry "donuts" interesting, and I've heard good things about the cakes though I haven't eaten them.

            I went to Savoy only once for a croissant and did not like it.

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              I got their ham & cheese croissant on Sun. and they do a great job with it. I've always thought Savoy was pretty good, usually I get a choc. or apricot croissant there, altho I've had a few duds. And my last almond croissant at Blue Frog had about 1/8 teaspoon of almond filling, a real disappointment. Such a hard thing to get right at many places.