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Aug 4, 2007 07:34 AM

Hound Visiting Alabama

I will be in the Gulf Shores and Auburn areas at the end of August. I am from KC, so I love BBQ and would love some pulled pork (something we don't do here in KC). I pretty much love food in general, so I have no parameters other than I would love to get a taste of the South. I can't wait to visit your beautiful state! Thanks in advance...

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  1. Can't speak so much for Auburn. If you make it to Mobile, you might consider the Brick Pit on Old Shell Road for BBQ. I am also a fan of the Mobile branch of Dreamland, which is a pork rib specialist, but it can be inconsistent.

    King Neptune on Hwy 59 is one good seafood option in Gulf Shores. Not at all fancy.

    Also consider:
    Jessie's in Magnolia Springs (just west of Foley)
    the Tin Top in Bon Secour.
    the Bakery Cafe on Canal Road in Orange Beach
    the Gulf Shores branch of the Original Oyster House on Hwy 59
    Lester's on Canal Road in Orange Beach

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      Having just returned from Gulf Shores, I'll second the Original Oyster House. I stumbled across a slightly more upscale place a couple of miles down the beach road in Orange Beach. It's called Cotton's. I had Steak Oscar that was to die for!!!! A petite filet covered in lump crabmeat covered with bernaise sauce. It is a meal that I will remember for quite some time. The only disappointment was that their key lime pie was not homemade.

    2. For pulled pork (something for which Lower Alabama is not famous), Rafter's in The Wharf on Canal Road is a good choice. Good recs from jamy on Tin Top, Jesse's and Original Oyster House. You might also consider Cosmo's on Canal Road, Ginny Lane's at The Wharf and Louisana Lagniappe at San Roc Cay. Lots of good shrimp places and if you like fried food...LA is your kind of territory!

      1. For Auburn:
        If you want BBQ try Mike and Ed's on North College St. Price's Barbeque House (S. College St.) is also good but Mike and Ed's is smokier and more like pulled pork. (I love pulled pork but actually prefer the sliced at BBQ House--their chipped version is too saucey for me.) If you want to venture to Opelika, there's also Chuck's BBQ although I've never been there.
        Some other things to try:
        Mama Goldberg's steamed sandwiches! Go to the original location on Magnolia St.
        For Southern food, try Veggies to Go (totally misleading name) or Pannie George's Kitchen.
        The above are all very casual places, for a bit nicer atmosphere try Amsterdam's--they have some Southern things like fried green tomatoes and shrimp and grits.
        For upscale, and a great experience, try the Yellowhammer restaurant in Waverly. It's a 10 to 15 minute drive out of Auburn but worth it.
        Some other places I've heard good things about but haven't been to:
        The Warehouse Bistro in Opelika (upscale
        )Jimmy's in Opelika (Seafood/Cajun)
        Have fun!

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        1. re: babyhound

          I know this is late but I am tired of people suggesting that Price's or Mike and Ed's are the best BBQ places in Auburn. The best in Auburn is Bryron's Smokehouse hands down. Byron's used to be a in a tiny building (and when I mean tiny I mean about 12 chairs) on Opelika Hwy and now it is just a few spots down in an old Dairy Queen. Unlike a lot of places that move, Byron's kept its charm and great taste. Most people love the chipped or sliced pork, but I always say their sausage and ribs (Thursday-Saturday only) are the best.

          They also have great brunswick stew and fried potatoes and better than average slaw, p. salad and beans. They have a mild and hot sauce, I prefer the hot and have excellent pecan pie and cookies.

          After five p.m., they offer a great deal with a chipped sandwich, two sides and drink for five dollars

          1. re: stradjs

            I agree...Really like Byron's and usually get a smoked boston butt to bring back to Charlotte...Chuck's is very good too and on Saturday's the sandwich's are 2 for 1.
            The Warehouse Bistro is very good for upscale dining.