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Aug 4, 2007 07:21 AM

Party Place in Brooklyn

I'm putting this posting up for two reasons:
1) To relate my mixed experience at Burrito Bar in Park Slope
2) To ask for suggestions for future restaurants/venues for big parties.

My husband recently got a big promotion and I wanted to congratulate him with a big "surprise!" party. I couldn't think of any place but Burrito Bar to go. I should have posted here first for suggestions but have been slammed with work, etc. So I just put the word out and let it happen.

The surprise was perfect. The atmosphere was great at Burrito Bar. Our waiter was a doll. My husband actually found out he's from Peru and studying to be a food scientist.

The food couldn't have been more awful. The chips were dry and stale. The salsa seemed generic, definitely store-bought. The guacamole came in those huge mortar/pestle things but was not prepared in them and the avocados tasted...old. I ordered a grilled veg burrito. Not good. Other signs of badness was that not one person finished their entree. It's not b/c they were too big either.

The margaritas was fine. The sangria, okay. But I stuck to their beers on tap of which they have a pretty good variety. Ditto with the tequila list.

So, there's my review of Burrito Bar. I did see someone give a thumbs up to this place on chowhound so I decided to not judge this restaurant by its cover. I don't really regret last night but I'm looking to not repeat this mistake.

Does anyone have suggestions for a laid-back restaurant for big, loudish parties in the Slope or its environs?


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  1. Hey:

    Just had a going away party from my old job and posed a similiar question- but didn't get any responses. I had a party of 25+. We landed up going to Bubby's in Dumbo. Food wasn't spectacular or anything (it was a little above average) but it's the perfect place for a big party. There was even another party there around the same time of about 100, so the place can definitely take a party of any size. We liked it because they were able to give us our own space on one side of the rest (it's bi-level), and they have a decent bar. It probably has some horrible reviews on here, but they've been turning the place around- and it's a chill place for a loud party. Good luck!

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      Thanks mdog,
      I've actually been to that Bubby's also. You're right, not stellar food but big and comfortable. Nice view of the water too. Maybe someone can jump in and save us with a super suggestion. I'm still thinking...

    2. I'm confused... Doesn't "big" and " loudish", sort of cancel out "Laid back"?

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        The back barn at Frankies 457 in Carroll Gardens is good for a group.