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Aug 4, 2007 06:16 AM

What to serve with Green Tea Ice Cream?

I'm bringing some green tea ice cream I bought at TJ's to a non-birthday party, which is being held during morning coffee break. The birthday person is in denial but is okay with this low key gathering and we want to have cake and ice cream, among other things. The ice cream comes in little round molds and another person is making TJ's green tea cake - which I 've had and it's rather bland. Would fruit (berries?) be the best way to go or should I try something chocolatey?

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  1. If you can find a can or two of sweet adzuki (red) beans, or sweet black beans, those are great with green tea ice cream!

    Skip the chocolate, though.

    fruit like pineapple, mango, papaya, melon or kiwi goes well.

    1. I'd like a cookie, so I'd suggest a Fortune Cookie or these Five Spice (you could also just use cinnmon and nutmeg...)

      1. The ice cream comes in little molds or you're bringing green tea mochi ice cream? If it's mochi ice cream, that's a perfect little dessert on it's own.

        If you need something else, I'd second the melon to accompany green tea or a simple butter cookie.

        1. I always think honey goes great with green tea. You could toss it with some berries or drizzle some on the blandish cake.

          1. I second the red bean paste. That's traditional, and tastes the best.

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              actually, I prefer to sprinkle the whole sweet red beans and their syrup, if they are in any, over the ice cream, rather than smear the paste. I use the paste for baking.