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Aug 4, 2007 05:58 AM

NY Hound with 8 year old-Vancouver

I'll be in Vancouver for 2-1/2 days for my birthday with Mrs.GG and 8 (almost 9) year old daughter before they drag me on to the cruise ship to Alaska. Looking for suggestions for seafood (fish and chips, oysters, crab), dim sum, best omakase sushi and anything else you'd recommend. Thanks.

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  1. Just arrived ourselves... are headed onto the Island Princess Mon AM (see you there?).

    Joe Fortes was a good lunch. Fresh and Fried Oysters were good. Halibut Fish and Chips were exceptional. Stay away from the cheeseburger, I thought it would be a nice chop steak, it was no better than a chain burger. Not cheap.

    Some good sushi for dinner. Really good place Kamei Royale. Authentic, fairly priced.

    We're off to find some Dim Sum this morning...

    1. If your cruise takes you to Skagway Alaska there's a small restaurant (sorry I don't recall name)near the dock where you disembark. If you walk into the little town, you go right past it. It looks kinda funky(scrap metal sculptures in the yard,upturned bottles on posts,etc..)
      Don't let the looks fool you. The food is awesome. I stumbled upon it two yrs ago. However we know food on cruise ships is usually awesome too!

      1. Alaska cruise was amazing. In Vancouver with my family for 2-1/2 days before the cruise we enjoyed The Imperial for dim sum (though disappointed no carts. I had better dim sum in San Francisco and Seattle), Hapa Izakaya, Go Fish for fish-n-chips and fried oysters, The Boathouse English Bay for seafood, wine flights and nice views and The Secret Garden for high tea which rivaled last year at The Empress in Victoria. Would love to go back to try more. How'd we do local hounds?

        1. This is not the most original of responses, but for dim sum with kids, I think the Pink Pearl is the most fun: huge room, lots of carts, lots of action. Its relatively handy to downtown (take a cab though). Also there is a huge gelato place not far from there for dessert, ohhh, what is it called..... they have a LOT of flavours. I think its on Venables, it might be Vancouver House of gelato? For better dimsum, with carts, but a little further out try Sun Sui Wah (and a little less fun).
          You can take a sea bus to granville Island and either eat there or walk to Go Fish for fish 'n chips or other fish preps. Its the best around. Also not orignal so long line-ups.