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Aug 4, 2007 05:34 AM

GREEN TEA ICE CREAM...Japanese Restaurant Style

I LOVE the Green Tea ice cream served in any Japanese /Sushi restaurants. I have been trying to find the same kind (creamy without grit) in many ice cream stores (ie Baskin Robbins etc). Have tried several mainstream Supermarkets and have not found the ice cream of my dreams....Anyone out there who knows where I could find the elusive smooth, refreshing ice cream... you might just make my summer (well, maybe not, but I'd be delighted! ). Help please!

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  1. Many Japanese restaurants serve Hime brand. You can find it for sale at many asian grocers or Japanese specialty stores such as Sanko on Queen west.

    It can get gritty if not stored well. Buying from somewhere with a higher turnover rate than Sanko would be preferred (but, I can't recall an exact place I've see in recently).

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      I've seen Hime ice cream at the Dominion store on Front St E (near Church)--both red bean and green tea flavours. Green tea seems to be out of stock fairly frequently, so perhaps this store is the high-turnover place to go for those who live in the neighbourhood and can make return visits if necessary.

    2. Fresh & Wild at King and Spadina carry a good green tea ice cream.

      1. Bakery Nakamura in J-town usually has a decent green tea ice cream. J-town is on the north side of Steeles, just west of Victoria Park. (Behind Thee Asian Kitchen restaurant)
        If you go, you should definitely also try their tiramisu! It's the best that I've had!

        T&T Supermarket also has an assortment. (They have like 6 aisles devoted to snacks!) I'm more familiar with the Warden and Steeles one, but the Middlefield is much less crowded. (If you haven't been, think Boxing Day shopping crowd, on a daily basis...and bring some patience!)

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          Poor, poor citified me! I didn't even know there was a "J-Town"! I live at Dupont and Davenport so J-Town is a rather long trip... I will keep it in mind (the Bakery looked good) I will try 'Fresh & Wild' is much closer to me. I sometimes go up to the Centre Street Deli so I could try 'T & T' at the Promenade....thanks all...

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            there's a place much closer to you. Head to Koreatown near Bloor and Christie. just east of Christie on the south side of Bloor is a Korean market called 'P.A.T.' It is full of mainly Korean/Japanese groceries and last time i looked, they stocked the Hime brand in Green Tea, Red Bean and Ginger. it usually retails for 5-6 bucks/tub.
            There's also a bunch of other Korean frozen ices available (individual bar sizes mostly) that are fun to try. I had a corn flavoured one - wasn't as awesome as the filipino version of corn ice cream i'm more used to but it was okay.

            and, if you're down in Spadina Chinatown area, some of the bigger grocery stores carry this too.

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              Awesome T.O. Chowfan!!!!!!!!!! I'll go next week!

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              If you're coming up to Centre Street anyway, the Korean Galleria on Yonge Street, just north of Steeles, always stocks the Hime ice cream as well.

          2. Most restaurants do serve the Hime brand which I think is terrible ice cream. I really like the Bakery Nakamura green tea soft serve, but I don't know the quality of the ice cream they have that is frozen in the freezer. I personally like to buy the green tea powder from ten ren and add a small teaspoon to DQ ice cream. But the best green tea is the Haagen Daze one they sell in Asia....I'm just waiting for them to start selling it here.

            1. Ed's in the Beach makes homemade green tea ice cream. Not all of the flavours are offered all of the time, so call in advance.

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                The Baskin-Robbins at the Centrepoint Mall, Yonge and Steeles, usually has Green Tea as one of its 31 or whatever flavours.