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Aug 4, 2007 03:13 AM

Odyssey Restaurant in Windsor?

Who's been to Odyssey in Windsor? Lots of local buzz. Small, no reservations, hard to find, market-driven menu, no dessert . . . my friends were raving about it last weekend.

Odyssey Restaurant
426 Emily Rose Circle
Windsor, CA
(707) 836-7600

Edited to add: Found this about chef/owner Rudy MIhal from his time at SF's Zuppa: "They've also hired chef de cuisine Rudy Mihal, who has an impressive background, with stints at I Trulli, Gramercy Tavern, Cafe Boulud and Fiamma in New York City. Most importantly for his gig at Zuppa, he worked in Italy at San Domenico di Imola for 18 months and then explored and fell in love with the cuisine of Sicily, which influences the menu at Zuppa." .

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  1. We have been to Odyssey twice since they opened. Owner and chef have great credentials. Food both times was wonderful, especially recall the beet "tartar." Yes beet, not beef. Wine list seems poorly chosen for Sonoma County, with few local offerings. Service was inattentive the first time we were there even though we were the only people in the restaurant at about 7:00 in the evening. The next time we were there, service was very slow. Packed room and only the owner/manager doing the service. He got into a loud conversation with one of the tables as they were paying about how poor the service was. So I recommend for food, service needs to improve drastically.

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      Pammel, thanks for the input. I was surprised at the prices when I found the menu online, was expecting a little lower price point. For what they're charging, service should be better. I'd had a notably bad meal at Zuppa (food and service) during the time Mihal was cooking there, though don't know if he was in the kitchen that night, so I was curious on how he's doing on his own. Just looked at my old post, , and note that one of my complaints was that the beets were crunchy.

      Could you say more about the beeT tartar?

    2. We were there a few weeks ago. We liked it overall and would return to try again - but there is room for improvement. The non-rez policy is a thorn as it's such a tiny spot.
      My review is here:

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        Reservations are now accepted. Call 707.836.7600 after 2:30 pm.
        I've certainly enjoyed my dinners at Odyssey in Windsor - seated at the bar as a single diner, I can view the on screen movie (on Friday, The French Connection; on Saturday, La Dolce vita) and people watch with a glass of Sherry or the Barbera from St. Amant 2006 from the 35-yr. old vines. Chef/owner Rudy Mihal makes a good gnocchi with sugo di pomodoro and fresh mozzarella $15 ... and I'll return for his lemon-cured sardines with fennel and black olives! Service was attentive and warm-hearted on both Friday and Saturday evening... with every seat taken. and yes, I liked this food much better than what is served at Zuppa.

      2. link

        Odyssey Restaurant
        Windsor, CA, Windsor, CA