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Aug 4, 2007 02:14 AM

S.E. Spain, Costa Blanca, HELP - Gastronomic Suggestions

Will be visiting some friends in this area in August and looking for great restaurant recommendations.

The Coast areas covered include from the Mar Menor down to Alicante, including towns such as San Pedro Del Pinatar, San Javier, Pilar De La Horadada, and the whole coastline from Alicante in the North to Cartagena in the South, as well as the cities of Cartagena and Murcia.

Looking for great restaurants in any of these places or nearby. Recommendations would be really appreciated as all internet research is quite lacking on this area gastronomically, unless I am looking in the wrong places....

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  1. Check out the Eyewitness Travel Guide book on Spain - their suggestions are usually good. Since I've only been to Valencia for the day off a cruise ship recently, I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but this book might help... Besides, it's a great travel guide.