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Aug 4, 2007 01:17 AM

Good Food in K-Town


Would anyone know of a good sushi restaurant in Kitchener/Waterloo?


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  1. IMO, it depends on what you're looking for. If you are looking for something with the calibre of Japango, Omi, or Kaji, then to be perfectly honest there isn't anything like that in K/W. However, there are some perfectly okay places. Taka down near Homer Watson is not bad. The AYCE Japanese place Ye's in downtown Kitchener is, in my opinion about as good as most of the places in Toronto.

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      agree with Bluicus... except I personally don't really like Ye's AYCE very much. Many of the special rolls have soooo much of that crunchy tempura stuff as filler. I like it, but it gets kind of sickening after a while o_o Also, I think the service is really haphazard. Last time I went there with 3 others, and we ordered several dishes from the "cooked food" list. One of them was eggplant, which never came, but the server tried to give us a second order of another dish that came to our table earlier. When we mentioned that we didn't order a second one of that dish, he look at us accusingly and was reluctant to take it back! I think places in Toronto though,

      Another japanese restaurant close to Ye's Sushi in downtown kitchener is Niko Niko. I ordered rolls for take-out from there once and was happy with it :)

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        In my opinion Niko Niko goes somewhat too far with the "strange custom rolls" and the fish is sorta flavourless (guess that's better than fishy), but it is true that Ye's sometimes goes a little nuts with the tempura bits and mayo... my friend got a dab of it under some surf clam nigiri once and that just set him off the edge :).

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          haha... I only ordered two rolls from there: rainbow roll and something else with bbq eel so i'm not sure about their other rolls, but I know what you mean :) i think i noticed there were lots of rolls with cream cheese, which i absolutely hate in rolls!

          Oh yes, the MAYO and the tempura bits.. :)
          I remember ordering the pizzas and it's all mayo and rice... ew....only lil slivers of salmon and eel...
          Overall, I just think that they're being kind of cheap with their use of actual good ingredients so, after going there 3 times, I told myself I'm not going back!

          I didn't finish my sentence in the first post!

          I think places in Toronto though are better because there's a lot more competition. As far as I know, there's only Ye's and Yummyaki who do AYCE sushi.