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Aug 4, 2007 12:29 AM


I don't know how to pronounce it or what kind of food it is,, but I know what it means!
It means GQQD FQQD and now a local favorite, which is hard to resist, when thinking of where to go.

Have been seeing it for about a year or more, when I go to the barber, and even looked in on one occasion. When Lucky Seafood closed early last Saturday, it was necessary to find another place for a bite. So this is where I and another group headed for before they closed also. Hours 9 AM-9 PM Sun-F, 9-9:30 PM Sat. It is at the opposite end of the same mall as Lucky.

As I looked over the menu looking for my favorite Pho with sliced ribeye steak, the waitress asked me, if this was my first time, and suggested that they recommend the Dumpling Soup for first timers. So I complied and had the Dumpling Soup with Rice noodles, which was a wonderful SURPRISE with great broth and dumplings. A hearty dish of dumplings with wide floppy edges filled with pork, shrimp, and mushrooms. Mushrooms are a favorite, and the combination was Dynamite! They are large and about 3-4 bites, and there are enough to make a generous meal. The broth (and even the dumplings) make it different from the other shops on Mira Mesa Blvd, so I was curious, where this culinary art came from. Wonton should have given me a clue.

The next visit I tried the Dumplings & Wonton Soup with the thin rice noodles, but the noodles proved too filling. The Wonton contain pork and shrimp, but no mushrooms. You have a choice of rice or egg noodles, if you desire them. I will skip the noodles from now on.

The last visit I chose the Dumpling Soup without any noodles. It was just right and not over filling. Learned that the kitchen had Chinese overtones along with Vietnamese, which is a nice variation of what I had become so used to.

There are 22 Noodle or Egg Noodle Dishes ($5.10) to choose from, as well as, 8 Chow Fun or Chow Mien dishes ($7.20), and 11 Fried Rice or Over Rice dishes ($7.20) to choose from. Most of the dishes come with a variety of combinations of meat, seafood and chicken. It is your choice. WIll have to try the Chow Fun and Mien dishes, if I can get past the Dumpling Soup!

TAN KY MI GIA 9330 Mira Mesa Bl. #A, San Diego, CA. (858) 271-8899 is a delightful change from all the Pho places, and now TOP of my list. It is bright, clean, and very hard to beat. Breakfast Lunch Dinner, Food to Go!

If you want to know, it means SUNRISE RESTAURANT, I was told.

Try it, you will like it! And be sure to tell them, that Nutrition sent you or at least suggested it. :)

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  1. Many of these Mi Gia joints have pretty good reasonably priced food - I like the Beef Sate Egg Noodle Soup at Tan Ky Mi Gia, and the Duck Egg Noodle Soup.

    1. Yeah, that is place is good. I love that area...they've also got Pho Hoa Cali right across the street in the next strip-mall area.

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      1. re: Aengus

        This afternoon, I picked the Combination Chow Fun with beef, chicken, and seafood with fresh hearty vegetables. The plate was a nice mound with the rice noodles covered with all the perfectly cooked Chow Fun! The sauce was just right by itself, but I added a dribble of soy sauce and tasted the Hoison sauce, which was a bit sweet for me. The later was the first sauce I have seen, that listed sugar as the first ingredient, so the sweetness was NOT surprising.

        See you there!

        1. re: nutrition

          Today, The Crispy Noodles were the next recommended dish to try and it was exceptional. I ordered the Seafood, but beef, chicken are also choices as are any combinations, that you feel like ordering. They also have Duck as a choice for many of the dishes.
          The Dinner plate was covered to the edge with an inch layer of fresh great tasting toasted warm CRISPY noodles, that was a pleasant surprise and perfectly suited to the topping of very fresh seafoods (Shrimp, scallops, octopus, krab, plus more), fresh vegetables, and a light sauce, which the noodles helped absorb for a wonderful new taste treat. The freshness of all the ingredients made for a great meal. The portions were large, and I would not be surprised, if some share it with a bowl of the Dumpling Soup. Either are a filling meal or afternoon snack! :)

          This has to be one of the VERY few restaurants, which serves the freshest of foods consistently, that I have ever tasted at any price, anywhere. It is a good reason to keep returning. I always feel good after eating here. I no longer consider any of the other Pho shops in the area. The peaceful ambiance and the flat screen TV on the wall are a nice addition without the usual noisy clatter or loud music at so many other places adds to the relaxing enjoyable meal.

          1. re: nutrition

            This has become my very favorite in the area to replace of Pho Hoa Hiep!
            Never a disappointment.

            1. re: nutrition

              Don't over look this place, when you are in the area of the Lucky grocery store.
              Great Broth and Dumplings.

              1. re: nutrition

                They have added some new dishes, that I am trying different one each visit. Their broth is still the best, that I have found in San Diego.
                Wonderful food for reasonable prices.

                Don't let the name discourage you from stopping in.
                Now open until 10 PM
                Very nice couple run the place very well.
                The wife introduced me to the wonderful Carrot & Daikon rolls.
                A nice appetizer addition to a bowl of the Dumpling soup.
                I always want to go back several times a weel, and most likely you will also.

      2. Nutrition, thank you for pointing out this place. My daughter and I enjoyed dinner there last night. She ordered the rice noodle soup with the roast duck. It was a very generous serving of duck that came with the large bowl of noodle soup. I was intrigued by your description of the crispy noodles and ordered the combination plate that came with shrimp, chicken, pork and loads of vegetables. I also ordered the dumplings and they were delicious. We have lots of leftover to tide my daughter over until she moves home in a week and a half. Thanks again for pointing this out. I have had it on my to do list since you first posted and on this trip to SD got to experience it!

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        1. re: dimsumgirl

          I am so glad, that you enjoyed the place and that your choices of dishes were as good or better then you expected. It is always a delight to find a family place with good food, and nice friendly service.

          Recently, at my last visit to Lucky Pho at the other end of the strip mall, I got a bowl of PHO with rare steak and half the rice noodles. I pointed out the small portion of meat to receive a complete denial by the manager, the only one who could speak some English. It appeared to have all new servers. My disappointment will make me hesitate on gong back for this version! I still miss Pho Hoa Hiep at the East end of Mira Mesa Blvd.
          But that is life in this overwhelmed world at the present time.

          1. re: nutrition

            I too am disappointed that Pho Hoa Hiep is not there anymore. We really enjoyed that place. They were very generous with their serving sizes. We drove up only to find that Pho Hoa Hiep was gone. That's when I remembered your rec for Tan Ky Mi Gia!

            1. re: dimsumgirl

              There is still the original Pho Hoa Hiep in Las Mesa with the 25 year family history for the PHO recipes.
              I will have to take a drive sometime, when I can no longer stand the withdrawals.
              So there is still hope!

              1. re: nutrition

                At the opposite end of the strip mall that Pho Lucky is in my favorite Dumpling of port, shrimp and black mushrrom still lives at TAK KY MIA ! Still my favorite place for the best broth in SD. I also enjoy Crispy Noodles with a lot vegetables and chicken on occasion. My choices are limited since I am a Medittarean diet of seafood daily while avoiding beef, pork and chicken.

                I think you will be more then satisfied at this place over Lucky Pho. Certainly yoy can always go to Lucky for some groceries after eating at Tak Ky Mia!! :)

                Try it you will like it.

                1. re: nutrition

                  Still as good as ever and always clean.