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Aug 4, 2007 12:01 AM

Steakhouse and Sushi Las Vegas Strip

Which of the "best" steakhouses on the strip hotels is the most affordable?
I would also like to find a good sushi restaurant (love Nobu) but cant afford this time. Any suggestions of a good sushi place that is not too expensive.

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  1. Ate at Nobu last Saturday night and it was horrible. Overrated celebrity chef and poser hang out. My friend gagged on the wild yellowtail. it was slimmy and very strong smelling. The abalone was inedible. I have dined in the past at Nobu Malibu and the original Nobu several years ago and was underwhelmed back then. Skip the sushi. Sorry - no advice for affordable steak houses, I usually travel with friends on expense accounts while in Vegas. It's rough but someone has to do it.

    1. If you're looking for a good, affordable sushi place that's close to the Strip try Sushi Hana on Decatur/Tropicana. $24.99 AYCE and the fish is REALLY quality. Make sure to have the halibut and red snapper.

      As far as steakhouses on the Strip go - none of them are going to be affordable. They are all going to be high priced. Prime, SW, and Delmonico are probably going to be your highest priced with Craftsteak and Stripsteak coming in just below them. You might try Kokomo's at the Mirage. I haven't been in a long time but they might be a good alternative. Otherwise you're probably looking at Smith & Wollensky which is a chain and just north of the MGM.

      1. Gallagher's in NY,NY is probably the most "economical" but still is by no means, cheap. I would spend the extra money and eat a reputable steak house-Stripsteak is my favorite. As far as Sushi is concerned, Hyakumi in Caesar's is about $50 a head. Vegas is about celebrity chefs and world class dining now-a-days, even the fast food is more expensive.

        1. Some folks seem to really like and recommend the steakhouse at Circus Circus (as long as you ignore everything you see on the way to it) but I don't know how it compares price-wise to the others.