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Aug 3, 2007 11:19 PM

ISO Kombu Noodles

Has anyone seen these in stores anywhere? I'm willing to travel - Queens or Brooklyn (I'll post on the Manhattan board too). I looked at the Korean Grocer in Sunnyside but they don't have it.
Online only one website sells them and I don't find it very reliable.

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  1. i found them at a health food store in manhattan, on third ave (west side of street) and 81st or 82nd st. i made them once in a stir fry, but they tasted really seaweedy to me (not as good as they were when i got them at caravan of dreams). if anyone has suggestions as to how to prepare them, i'd appreciate it!

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    1. re: ambrosered

      Thank you so much, I'll check out the store over the weekend.
      Here' are a few recipes, the first is the one that sent me on the quest for them:
      Again, thanks a lot!!

      1. re: RedVelvet

        hi redvelvet, i'm in search of the same. did you find the kombu at the 81st store?


        1. re: midtownDiner123

          I didn't make it uptown yet. I'll try again tomorrow - it's the only day of the week when I have a chance of getting there. I'll let you know if I made it and found them.

      2. re: ambrosered

        I bought them at WFM. They are good to go, but I steam them til warm, toss with a little tamari or shoyu, sesame oil, sesame seeds, steamed broc, tofu...

        1. re: goodcakesfran

          Would you be so kind and tell me at what location? went to Bowery and couldn't find it. I suppose they're in the same fridge with the tofu and shirataki noodles?