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Aug 3, 2007 10:58 PM

In Search of Breakfast Tacos

Was visiting San Antonio a couple months back and fell in love with breakfast tacos: fresh flour tortillas, chorizo and eggs scrambled together and a bit of fresh salsa on top....just about 4 bites in total. OMG these were so awesome and nearly every restaurant from fast food to family style had them. Anyone run into them here in the Greater Bay Area????

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  1. I realize this is a really old post, but if you have yet to find those breakfast taco's try Salsa's in Concord. It's right across from park and shop (on the petsmart side), they have great breakfast Taco's and Burritos. Not to mention the awesome rotisserie Chicken they have in there. They make one of the best chicken quesadillas around (order it extra crispy).

    Also I think La Pinata in concord has Breakfast Taco's

    1. Try Green Chile Kitchen in SF (Baker/Fulton). They have a breakfast menu -- more than what they show on the website -- but I don't remember specifics.

      1. oh, and remember....what breakfast tacos are to central texas, breakfast burritos are to the Bay Area...maybe bigger, definitely more portable, and region-centric. Search on breakfast favorite was fro El Faro (or El Farolito?) that served a baby burritos with no rice or beans...just eggs, chorizo, ham and cheese in a nicely griddled tortilla.

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          I disagree. Breakfast taco and a breakfast burrito are two entirely different things. I still haven't found a San Antonio-style breakfast taco yet but I've been making them at home. Thanks for your reply.

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            michele you are absolutely correct. i'm an SA native living in oakland now and breakfast tacos are DEFINITELY NOT breakfast burritos. i'm reading this thread because i woke up this sunday morning pining for breakfast tacos. for some reason making them at home just isn't the same. good luck in your quest and if you find them, come back and post! i'm sure all the people posting "i love breakfast at...." are trying to be helpful but we need to get us some Central TX style breakfast tacos!

        2. I liked breakfasting at Mijita's, Ferry Building, on Saturday mornings when they open at 9am, before shopping for fresh produce at the weekly farmers' market. Mijita has a good range of tacos (although I tend to go for their chilaquiles).

          1. I love breakfast at La Calaca Loca in Oakland at 51st and Telegraph. I bet Tacubaya's (4th St. Berkeley) breakfast is good too.