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Aug 3, 2007 10:15 PM

Best Eats in Pike Place Market (SEA)??

We're headed to Seattle and definitely wandering around Pike Place Market. I've read that Beecher's Cheese, Jack's Fish (for fish and chips), Oriental Mart (Filipino food), Shy Giant Yogurt, Cafe Campagne and Steelehead Diner are all worth going to.

What are your thoughts and the other "not to be missed" places?


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  1. better than shy giant (though not eactly apples and apples) is bottega italiana on first avenue just south of pike for the best gelato on the planet. though she has chosen to forego her spectacular groat bread for the summer, the crupmpets at the crumpet shop (first avenue just north of pike) are always good. il bistro (under the pig) has never disappointed me for atmosphere or for italian fare. cafe yamarka (underneath the superb steehead diner at post alley and pine) makes their own luscious pierogies and pelmenies. i find jack's cioppino is better than his fish'n'chips. three girls bakery (next to jack's where post alley meets pike place) makes superb sandwiches on several varieties of their own bread. be aware that, of this list, only il bistro and steelhead are open after 5.

    1. I have had some memorable meals at the Pink door in Post Alley- Italian. Spinach lasagna with bechamel, risotto, rosemary roasted chicken- all delicious. Creative drinks, solid dessert and excellent wine list. Cappucinos are near perfect(open late). Steelhead is also great, very "northwest". I really like Piroshky make some mean pastries- yum. Enjoy

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        A couple of my favorite cheap eats at the Market are the barbecue pork buns at Mee Sum Pastry and a sausage on a bun from Uli's Famous Sausages.

        This time of year, the view from the Pink Door's patio is definitely on my "not to be missed" list. That would be my choice if you're looking for a sit-down lunch.

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          I second Mee Sum pastry's pork buns. Unreal, the best in town.

      2. oriental mart is gross. salty, not fresh. sitting out all day. not recommended at all. jack's fish and chips is also not good, greasy, fried to the point of being burnt, terrible packets of tartar sauce. you can get a nice whole dungeness though or the cioppino as someone else suggested.
        le panier is one of the best bakeries in the city. they have great baguette sandwiches, the pain au chocolate, almondine and chocolatines are fabulous.
        delaurenti has a nice deli for olives, antipasti, meats and cheeses. especially if you don't plan on visiting salumi, you should definitely by some salumi at delaurenti.

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          I forgot, I got a "dauphinoise" something or other at Le Panier. Pastry w/ potato, ham and cheese and it was excellent. Held up well the next day for the train ride to Portland.

        2. Beecher's is certainly worth checking out, if you're interested in semi-local (from the West Coast and the North West in particular) cheeses, difficult to find anywhere else. Even those cheeses that might be found in nicer grocery stores are likely to be in much better condition and slightly cheaper when purchased from Beecher's.

          I heartily second howard's suggestion of Cafe Yarmarka. Those Russian immigrants are relishing their successful participation in the American dream - obvious, on account of the cooks' surprisingly friendly attitudes and that calendar posted on the wall, displaying a tremendous picture of the Statue of Liberty, the words "GOD BLESS AMERICA" emblazoned across her forehead.

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            Thanks CH for the tips so far! Looks like we'll definitely swing by Beecher's, Cafe Yamarka, Le Panier, 3 Girls Bakery and Steehead Diner. Keep them coming--we're not leaving until this Wed!

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              If you're just in the mood for walking-around-food, Taxi Dogs, in the north end of the market, is first rate, offering great hot dogs, nice bakery style buns, and all the fixin's, including an excellent sauerkraut and german-style mustard. Near the original Starbucks.

          2. The Alder smoked salmon at Pure Foods Fish is the best I've had anywhere period. Get a baguette from Le Panier and a tub of the organic cream cheese (brand escapes me but it's made in Oregon) from Pike Creamery. Or just eat the salmon alone.