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Aug 3, 2007 09:03 PM

Food at BMO Field

The food at BMO field is better than at the Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centre combined'; which isn't saying much. But in this case, I really mean it's tasty!

If you all haven't see this slide show:

Scotch Eggs, Ye Olde Chip Butties (french fries, two slices of wonder bread), Bratwurst with Saurkraut, Chicken Roti, Roasted & Butters Corn On the Cobb, Portugues Cornbread Shaved Beef Sandwiches with Hot Mustard, Beer-Battered Haddock and Chips, Homemade Jamaican Patties, Roast Been on an Onion Bun with Horseradish, Watermelon Wedges.

Delicious, Simple, Cultural, even a bit trashy. The food speaks to what people want to eat not only at sporting events, but just in general. I thoroughly enjoyed my tasting of each of the items available. Some of the stuff is by far the best of it's breed, and not easily found elsewhere. Toronto street food could use lessons from the vendors at BMO Field.

Seriously great eats.

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  1. I have yet to go, but It sounds great. Maybe the Skydome will learn something from BMO. They've got some of the worst food in the Major Leagues.

    1. I have to say I was disappointed by my choices at the Uruguay-US game. I was very excited to sample some of the items I already read about (being a regular Raptors games goer, I REALLY was looking forward to a sports venue very I could have something other than pizza, hot dogs and popcorn). We had the Italian rice ball and the portuguese corn bread with grilled veggies (some of my favourite things to eat anyway). The rice ball's overall texture was okay, but the vendor either hasn't figured out how to keep these things warm and soft, or they're using the wrong cheese, becuse the cheese was just a big clump impossible to separate. I eat rice balls at italian sandwich places pretty often, and they usually just sit out on a tray, so i don't think there are major requirements for their storage. however, everywhere else i had them, they were nice and gooey, and possible to cut with a knife, or break with a fork.
      the cornbread sandwich was incredibly dry. all i tasted was bread (and not the typical hard crust, moist inside portuguese bread), with the vegetables an afterthought (although they seemed nicely grilled) and the cheese utterly negligable - i saw bits of it, but did not taste it.

      so unless these were anomalies, ethnic food turned corporate becomes akin to pizza and hotdogs.

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      1. re: Kasia

        Where in BMO field do they serve the rice balls? I have been there twice now and have yet to find them.

        1. re: paper_bag_princess

          they were at a grill stand in the bottom half of the north end platform.

      2. I've tried most of the food at BMO Field and have to strongly disagree. While I appreciate the effort at diversity, I found the execution lacking and the prices, as expected, high for what you get. The chip butty is a bad joke.

        This food quite simply is lousy and should be much, much better, though I expect there will be no changes made whatsoever as long as MLSE is raking in buckets of cash.

        1. I'm dying to try a Scotch Egg!!