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Aug 3, 2007 08:15 PM

Neptune - Surprisingly Poor Experience

We'll take it with a grain of salt as this was our first sub par experience at Neptune, however it was disapointing across the board.

We arrived on the early side (a bit before 7pm). The place was more than half empty, possibly because they have way sub par AC for a stifling evening like this one. We sat down and ordered a bottle of wine and then I went to visit the bathroom. While away, my GF was informed that they were out of that bottle (mid range) and she was upsold to the most expensive white on the menu (pet peeve alert!).

AFTER the expensive wine was uncorked, we were informed that they were already out of Lobster Rolls, the daily Bluefish Special and the Langostine Crudo. That certainly limited options a bit, but well the wine was already flowing...

The oysters were good with the exception of one PEI selection which was the worst tasting oyster either of us had experienced, it was obviously turned. We were told that that particular variety is naturally a bit more "fishy". Thanks, but I've been eating oysters for a long time, it was just plain bad. They did take it of the bill without us requesting they do so.

The Crab Louie Salad and Tuna RIbbons were good, however they were served on hot dishes which were obviously right out of the dishwasher (pet peeve alert #2!!). This was particularly unacceptable as they were not remotely busy.

We also tried the mussels for the first and last time. The mussels themselves were plump, but the creamy sauce was one of the most disapointing mussel treatments I have experiences. The sauce for the Calamari Fra Diavolo was tasty, however the calamari was poorly cooked and very rubbery.

Neptune has been a favorite of ours since it opened, however the NE is a bit of a trek for us. After a long week of business travel, we were looking forward to a rewarding dinner on Friday. We won't be rushing back too soon. It was disturbing to see Neptune really fail across the board from service, to food to comfort. Freinds had given us similar bad reports lately. Hopefully this is not a trend.

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  1. Thanks for the detailed report, sorry about the crap experience. I have enjoyed remarkably consistent execution at Neptune at both lunch and dinner, including a bunch of visits in the past few months (I got an office nearby). I guess this is a useful cautionary tale: even your favorites can disappoint sometimes. Hope it was just an off night.

    1. I was there on Tuesday. They were out of lobster rolls at 6:45. Had a fried clam appetizer which was very good and plentiful. Also agree about the AC. Not quite strong enough for a hot night.

      1. I went to Neptune for lunch last Sunday after reading consistent raves on this board.

        While the food was very good ( lobster rolls & fried oysters), the service not so much. Our waitress brought us the wrong wine and refused to consider that she was wrong. She had a major attitude and insisted that she saw the bartender pour it herself.

        It was only after we finished our meal without touching our wine , that she did speak w. the bartender and discover that yes, the bartender did give her the wrong glasses!

        They did take the wine off the bill, but I would have rather had what I ordered to begin with! Trying to find parking in the NE was tough and I could have really used a good drink!

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          1. I am sorry to hear about your experience. I have always loved Neptune, but have to admit that they seem to be running out of lobsters rolls an awful lot, which makes me wonder if it is on purpose that they don't prep more.

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              I've been there four times and every time they've been out of the lobster roll. And I've gone early (6-ish) Doesn't make any sense, really, considering it's one of the things they're known for.