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Aug 3, 2007 08:09 PM

Joey's smokin' bbq in Irvine (just opened)

I've been driving by this place the past couple of weeks hoping it finally opened. When I peeked in last week, I could tell it was reaaally close to opening.

I just hit their Web site ( and saw that they had their grand opening on August 1st! It is dangerously close to me right there in the Tustin Marketplace....oh please, oh please be good. Good Q is one of the few things that I have not been able to find in my neighborhood.

By any chance, has any hound hit this spot yet? If curiosity wins out over laziness, I might just have to make the trek there tonight. I am awful lazy though...

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  1. went by yesterday and they looked nowhere close to openingLet's hope they have more sucess then its predecessor,Crescent City Beignets.

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    1. They opened a location in Manhattan Beach a couple of months ago, and it is surprisingly good. Yes, I've had better bbq in greater l.a., but for right in my neighborhood, it is pretty darn good! The pulled pork is particularly good. I also like the beef brisket. The ribs are ok, but not their strong suit. I haven't ordered them again since trying them the first time.

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        I agree... it is OK. Not stellar, but it's 5 minutes from home (the MB location), so it will suffice for a 'cue fix. If you're looking for top-of-the-line super-authentic, white bread and sweet tea 'cue, this isn't it. But it's not all bad.

        I haven't tried them, but I've heard that the burgers there are pretty good as well.

        1. re: Dav

          I've been to the MB location and got their combo with ribs and chicken with two sides. BBQ sauce was too sickenly sweet for my tastes.....oddly sweet in fact for Que sauce...they had like two different versions, i didn't really like either.

          The sides were absolutely horrible. Preportioned junk filler instead of being real sides.

          Its close though, maybe I'll give the pulled pork a try next time.

          1. re: Xericx

            Yeah, I should have mentioned that I didn't care for the sides, either. I just get cornbread (2 pretty good cornbread muffins for just 99 cents), and the meat. I actually order the meat a la carte (rather than in a sandwich with sides), which is a better value for me because I don't like the sides and try not to eat tons of bread. I've had the burgers, too...pretty good, and huge, but not anything special...kind of a quantity over quality thing. After having sampled most of the menu, I stick to a la carte pulled pork, brisket, and corn bread. Again, this is not a destination bbq restaurant, but if you live right nearby like I do you can get a convenient and pretty good bbq fix. If you want bbq ribs in the area, Chicago for Ribs, which is right across the street from Joey's on the other side of Sepulveda, is better. Also not a bbq destination, but a good neighborhood place for ribs.

      2. Just checked out the menu and it looks pretty good. I live fairly close to the Tustin one and I'm looking forward to trying it. I had Lucille's a week ago but wasn't that impressed esp with the bill for $60 for 2 for bbq. I guess this would help with a quick bbq fix.

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          tried it today and found that like everone else has said it is just ok. not bad but not great either. at least it was relatively cheap.