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Aug 3, 2007 07:28 PM

The Weiner Circle

Is this place worth a visit? What makes it so great?

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  1. On a warm summer night, at like one am, it was always a favorite. Now, I am writing from memory, have not lived in Chicago for a few years and it was years earlier that I had eaten there. The fries were always good, the burgers and dogs too.

    I don't think I ever ate there in the daylight

    1. If you're in the area and it's really late, go for the show. That is, if you like people swearing at each other at the top of their lungs.

      If you want good Chicago style food, there are about 50 better places.

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      1. re: Beatnik

        Yeah, it's about the show, and packed with really drunk, obnoxious jerks late at night. Not worth the effort. It's not awful, just not very good.

        1. re: Pete Oldtown

          I dunno, I've been eating there since 1989, and I love the place. Old habits die hard, I guess. At any rate, only tourists and idiots go to watch and participate in the "show."

          At the W.C., the Char-Cheddar-Burgers, Char-Dogs and Cheese Fries are the way(s) to go. They are simple and honest, if messy affairs, and great indulgences every once in awhile.

          The Wiener's Circle
          2622 N. Clark St.


          1. re: Erik M

            I agree with you Erik. My only gripe with Wiener's Circle is that I think their hot dogs seem very small. I wish they had a jumbo dog. I guess that goes with the indulgence of it....if I'm going to go for that, I really want to go all out. Great fries. Tastes like the oil hasn't been changed in years. Really great.

            1. re: NDJ

              NDJ: If I remember correctly, the Polish is pretty large and tastes very similar to the hot dogs. Yeah the WC is part of the late night drunken scene very much like Five Faces on Divisision Street.

              1. re: amoncada

                double red hots with mustard, neon green relish and onions please! oh and add a bag of them greasy fries too! shabuya shabang viva CHItown...

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