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Aug 3, 2007 06:39 PM

Dinner or Lunch for 2 in Baltimore under $25.

What is the best place in the Baltimore area where dinner or lunch is under $25. for 2 people?

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  1. split a pizza and salad at Mathew's Pizza for around $16. Pasta dishes are also reasonable.

    1. Weis Deli..
      A Cloak and Dagger, pickle and Dr. Browns..

      1. SoBo Cafe, all lunch sandwiches are $6, and are quite filling and yummy. Dinner during the week has specials, especially Monday- $10 steak night.

        Samos in Greektown, you can't beat the prices (or the food), and is BYOB.

        Captain Larry's has specials every weeknight also, check their website- Better than average barfood in ultra laid-back setting.

        Wine Market- Mondays all entrees are 20% off, and wines 15% off.

        those are my go-tos for cheap eats.

        1. Honest question, because recs will differ: is this for you and a buddy, or you and the fiance?