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Aug 3, 2007 06:29 PM

Where did I just eat? (Vietnamese on San Gabriel Blvd.)

I just had lunch at a Vietnamese place on the west side of San Gabriel just north of Mission, in a little strip mall. It had a non-English name that I've forgotten (and can't find on Google).

I had tasty grilled pork over "broken" (= short grain) rice. I think it should have come with a bowl of savory roast pork in broth, which another table received. Anyway, this was a very good and extremely cheap lunch. I added a soy milk and it set me back something like $6.50.

They have a long - but simple - menu, with the usual bun, pho, etc. Anyway know this place and want to recommend other things to try? Seems like it would be a good alternative when Golden Deli is packed. And, it's probably closer for people coming out the 10 Fwy. from L.A.

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  1. "...on the west side of San Gabriel just north of Mission..."

    Try here with zip code (91776) and street (s san gabriel):

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    1. re: Joe Blowe

      Thanks! - but that comes up with:
      633 S SAN GABRIEL BLVD 112

      which is in the right location, but searches on the name place puts it on Valley Blvd. near Del Mar (along w/ another branch in O.C.). Maybe this is a third branch?

      1. re: cant talk...eating

        There is indeed a branch of Thuan Kieu on San Gabriel, and they are broken-rice specialists.

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          That's the place -- Com Tam Thuan Kieu. If you haven't had their cha (egg quichy thingy) then you should make a pilgrimage back there.

          Also, broken rice is actually medium-grain rice that has been broken during harvest. It started out as "ship out the good stuff and eat the leftover junk" and is now a standard Viet dish.

      2. Not necessarily. Roast pork in broth is a different dish. Southern Vietnamese eat the roast pork over broken rice in the form of a dish called com tam bi cha thit nuong or com tam bi suon cha. Northern Vietnamese cuisine serves the roast pork in broth, which is usually eaten with vermicelli, this dish being called bun cha ha noi.