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Aug 3, 2007 05:26 PM

Wahaca, London

So Dos Hermanos wrote about a new Mexican place that recently opened near Covent Garden:

Mexican food is somewhat lacking in London, so we wandered over there last night to try it out. (We started with a few pints in the Harp along the road — Belhaven fruit beer, very nice.


We had to wait a little while for a table, but the front of house guy handled this well, making sure we didn't feel abandoned, and bringing us some drinks while we waited.

The food — well, it could have been great. It really could have. But they've apparently made the decision to steer clear of too much chilli or salt in the food. Dos Hermanos did warn of this, and they were right. Almost all of it lacked flavour, and it could so easily have been remedied. Like Dos Hermanos, we brought this up with the staff, and were told that it was on purpose. A shame.

The cocktails were good though. The apple flavour in my mojito was quite fantastic.

Longer writeup here:

66 Chandos Pl, London, Greater London WC2E 7, GB

47 Chandos Pl, London, Greater London WC2N 4, GB

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  1. With Chili being such a favorite taste sensation here, I'm really surprised to hear the food was bland. What are they thinking? Thanks for the report.

    1. between us girls, i wouldn't take anything the hermanos say very seriously. theres a lot of genuine enthusiasm there, but very little knowledge, skill or finesse: think of a teenager on prom night and you'll get the idea.

      the dead give away here is the spelling: the state is 'oaxaca'; even though its pronounced 'wahaca'. you know somethings the matter that they don't even spell the name right! what chowhound misses that give away?!

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      1. re: howler

        I *am* getting old. I didn't even catch that strange name, but did think it didn't look very Mexican to me. There used to be a Mexican and wonderful restaurant near or in La Quinta in CA... it was called Oaxaca. I should have known better. Hermanos steered me right with Queen St - so mind your manners!!

        1. re: zuriga1

          i am being sooooo polite!

          i'm glad you got steered right with queen st, and i hope you get steered right many more times to come.

        2. re: howler

          Re the spelling: the London restaurant is called Wahaca; it really is. Take a look at their website for proof:

          1. re: Kake

            that's the point: don't your danger antennae twitch ominously when the restaurant won't even bother to spell the name 'oaxaca' correctly but instead spell it phonetically as 'wahaca'? theres already a mistrust of the patrons right there - what on earth can one expect from the food?

            1. re: howler

              Oh, right, I see; I thought that was another dig at the Hermanos.

              I assumed they chose that spelling in an attempt to be a little bit different, rather than because they assumed their customers would have trouble with the correct spelling. (It'll also make it easier to google for them.) But then I quite like phonetic spelling used in moderation; I have a friend who writes all his emails in a South London accent.

        3. The original comment has been removed
          1. I see reported that Wahaca is owned (?) by Thomasina Miers, 2005 winner of "Masterchef" - an increasingly pretentious amateur cooks TV reality show.

            I'll not be schlepping down from the north west to eat there!