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Aug 3, 2007 05:12 PM

QUICK! How do I open my Pitu Cachaca??

I'm sitting here trying to open my new bottle of Pitu brand cachaca..I unscrewed the top and now there's a clear plastic thingy covering the mouth of the bottle and I have NO IDEA how to open it. I'm trying to make a cocktail here! Is there anyone out there that can help me?


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  1. Hm. Have you tried pouring some out of the bottle without removing the clear plastic thing? I have, and it voila, alcohol comes out.

    1. that plastic thing is a pourer to help bartenders measure and discourage people from drinking out of the bottle.

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      1. re: warrenr

        Thanks. I tried to pour some out without removing the plastic thing, and nothing came out. After a little fiddling, I managed to pry the plastic disc up a little, and was then able to pour it out. I realized it was probable a "doser" of some kind, but it was difficult to adjust it in a way that liquid would actually come out of the bottle.
        If there's some easy trick to it, I didn't figure it out!

        1. re: Furgs

          shake it hard--it sounds like the pouring thingy that is on the top of my Herradura Tequila. If you just tilt slowly nothing comes out, you have to give it a vigorous pour to get the liquid flowing. Probably stops evaporation in hot climates without having to put the cap on!

      2. The plastic thing on the top is to prevent tampering. It is a one way valve so people can't refill the bottle with cheaper stuff.

        1. You gotta pry it off with a knife (preferaby at least 3 hours after polishing off the previous bottle!).
          For whatever it's worth, may i recommend turbinado sugar for yer caiparinha?

          1. With Pitu - if you take off the outer cap, then put the outer cap back on and tighten it very hard, and then take it off again - your elixir will flow and your life will be good!