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Aug 3, 2007 05:05 PM

Chow in Vernon,NJ

Hi, everyone I'm new to chowhound so be gentle. I'm taking my family to Mountain Creek Water Park on Sat Aug 4th and once we finish our fun in the sun, we are going to need somewhere to eat. A nice family restaurant with great food, something cheep since the park and the 2 1/2 hour drive (gas) will drain my pockets dry. If someone has a recommendation I would be most appreciative.

Thanks, Starchile

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  1. There is not much at all in the immediate area of Mountain Creek. Depending on the direction you're coming from/heading back to, you'll have some success in nearby Warwick, NY (Harpoon Bay, 10 Railroad Ave), Franklin, NJ (Szechuan Garden, Wok-N-Sushi), or Sussex, NJ(Taco Of The Town, Sussex Inn).

    1. Well, there are a few pizza places (so~so as far as food goes), Burger King (blech!) or you can go for the salad bar at A&P. If you want a decent Italian restaurant, try Milano's (if you're coming out of Mountain Creek, head south on 94, go left at the traffic light just past the rr tracks and Milano's is up a bit on your right... to get home, continue on 94 South until you get to route 23). Milano's has good food and the prices aren't too hefty. It's BYO wine and beer. There's also The George Inn (it's on 94 as well... on the left before you get to Milano's). The food there is decent; the prices average.

      Since you were here over the weekend (beautiful day you had!), this is too late for you, but maybe it'll help someone else.