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Aug 3, 2007 05:02 PM

Vancouver dim sum?

Any current recommendations for Sunday dim sum in Vancouver?

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  1. We read some recommendations last night and this morning. We planned to run over to Sun something or Flamingo. When we asked the Chinese bellman for a nearby recommendation, he knew we were thinking Sun and suggested Floata, in Chinatown. I expressed concerns (from CH) about low quality, greasy, old dim sum, and he told me it was a good place. He lied. It was a great place. As good, or better than most of the places we've been in NYC Chinatown. Our regret, ordering too much of the common stuff and not looking over the many special dishes that came out after that. Shark fin soup was excellent, as were all of the noodle dishes. Only uneaten dish was the stewed beef.

      1. re: gido

        I strongly agree with the reccomendation of Floata, and especially the comment about its superiority to NYC Chinatown dim sum.

      2. Kirin Mandarin restaurant (I have been to the one on Alberni, but there are a few branches) has good dim sum (as of my last visit anyway), and a tank with fresh seafood (drunkin prawns!). The restaurant is also conveniently located, comfortable, and quite beautiful inside.