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Aug 3, 2007 04:38 PM

Another fabulous meal at Nessa in Port Chester


if you have not tried Nessa - make your ressie now! I just adore the place and the owner Mark is a chow reader and a great guy! The staff is wonderful as is the food, ambiance and wine list.

I had a girls night out there and Mark stopped by to chat before my friends arrived - he was also kind enough to send the girls some samplers prior to the meal. Needless to say the food was spectacular and the chicken under a brick remains my favorite dish. We had the fig bruchetta - which I had never tried before and it was perfection. The goat cheese and fennel was also sublime. The shrimp salad "app" was tart with just a hint of spice and was yum. Everything was top notch per usual.

Once again - a big thanks to Nessa for adding some sparkle to the PC dining scene - hopefully it's new neighbor will rev the dining landscape in town up even more!

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  1. Where exactly is it and what type of food/what's on the menu etc.? Does it have a website...I couldn't find it...

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      it is on North Main Street in Port Chester - across from the Life Saver building. The menu is rather eclectic - I am really not sure how to describe it. you can also do a search on the site for Nessa and you will find a lot of great posts about their menu items.

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        I used to live in the Lifesaver building, it must be relatively new. I'll have to add it to my PC list, what else would you reccomend?

    2. I tried Nessa about a week or two ago and it was very good. The service was a little bit inattentive (at some points it was hard to get the staff's attention). This might have been because we sat at a corner nook close to te bar, which was sort of isolated from the rest of the diners. The bill also said $4 more dollars for the gnocci than the menu listed price. We didn't say anything cause we wanted to go home and the food had been pretty good and they seemed friendly. In terms of the food, the bruschetta were all excellent with a good balance etc... The salad also had perfect amount of dressing. The chicken on a brick was goo, but I wasn't as crazy about it as some people here seem to be. It was a nicely cooked piece of chicken with a good diavola sauce, but I didn't taste anything extremely special about it.

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        I just think the chicken is succulent while the skin nice and crisp with just the right touch of spices and the sauce is a great complient. just my two cents.

        1. re: KarenNYC

          I went to nessa on 7/28. The bruschettas were great!!! OVerall it was an okay meal. I think if they want to be a true wine bar they should have less complicated main courses. The service was horrible and the place is noisy. I would go there again for the brushcetta,salads and panini!!! If bastianch and batali move into port chester and do a wine bar like their restaurant Otto this place will have some stiff competition