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Aug 3, 2007 04:28 PM

Alternatives to Pusateri's

Any other good grocers/butchers/take out/importers of Italian or Mediterranean foods? We like this because it is a one stop shop, but would love to try somewhere else that carries quality and varied imported fare other than Zehrs, Costco and Highland Farms.

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  1. Are you looking for something in the vicinity of Pusateri's or are you willing to travel a bit?

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      1. Pasquale Bros on Goodrich in Etobicoke ( Islington and Queensway area). Carries a large variety of imported goods from Italy France Spain and Mexico. Supplies many of the high end restos in town both Italian and non. I believe they are open Sat AM till noon.

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          i second this one. in terms of a grand selection including prepared foods and breads.. they will not have this. but what they do have is very high quality products and fantastic prices. their cheese counter is unrivaled in pricing and their sandwiches ($6 inclusive of a drink, not just a can o' pop but limonata) are amazing. love their 15 yr aged balsamic, teas from france, sauces and peppers of all types, various honeys. really great.

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            I'm crying on my keyboard now. I soooo wish they were still downtown. Always had a great selection of Cajun foods, bomba rice for paella and paella pans, great antipasto selection and so much more. Road trip time to Etobicoke.


          2. Have you tried Genoa on Eglinton West?

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              Genoa has been out of business for a couple of momths now.

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                Genua Fine Foods did, indeed, close up a couple of months ago. One of the owners is re-opening one block east on Eglinton, under the name "Tony's on the Block." It's a much bigger store and will probably be better than ever.

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                1. Friday afternoon, waiting for the weekend gossip...
                  Harvest wagon is selling tomatoes for $14.99 a pound that they buy from Cookstown greens for $4 a pound. Thieves is an understatement.

                  1. re: Mila

                    If they pay $4/lb it is too much for August tomatoes. There are tons of good tomatoes, organic or fresh grown, for much less. But the location, clientele, and waste at Harvest Wagon ensures a high mark up. And they will maintain the price under falling pressure.