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Aug 3, 2007 04:11 PM

Swad Indian on N. Lamar

Went to Swad last night and enjoyed the Mysore Masala Dosa. Huge, triangular bread with vegetables inside and a great spicy flavor throughout.

The woman at the register assisted us in ordering, and two of us got the "variety platter" (for lack of a name), which had some winners and some that none of us cared for very much. (Maybe more about our tastes than the quality of the preparation.)

Recommended. Anyone else found any gem selections on the menu?

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  1. You probably got a Thali platter, which is offered in most Indian places.
    I happen to think the one at SWAD is the best I've had in town.

    1. I've eaten at Swad a couple of times for lunch and had the Thali special both times. It's a nice way to get a variety of things especially if not sure what to order. Just a warning, it's a lot of food. If hope to go back soon with some of my co-workers(who recommended it to me) so that they can give me some suggestions on other things to try.

      1. i live pretty close to swad and eat there as often as possible. my absolute favorite thing is the dahi puri which are crisp little shells filled with chickpeas, tomatoes, onions and spices, then sprinkled with little vermicelli. delicious!

        their pakoras are great, especially the methi pakora. there is also something that i've recently becoming addicted to, but can't remember the name....i'll have to check the take-out menu at home.

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          dahi puri... that stuff is great! My husband likes to get the big burrito looking things stuffed with potato and cheese and I prefer the appetizer platter... it changes every time usually (I think it depends on what they have the most of in back) but its always excellent. I think I prefer the thali dosa to the thali puri but then again I get these confused. I try to get the one with the non-fried bread (I think that's the dosa) because its better to sop stuff up with.

          1. re: shan

            swad is actually the best Indian in Austin. And a good place all around.