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Aug 3, 2007 04:07 PM

Great at Yalda Kabob in Horsham

Just finished a terrific dinner from Yalda Kabob in Horsham -- where the old Tonelli's used to be. Absolutely fabulous! As I understood it, the owner is somehow related to the family that runs Kabul in Center City -- another wonderful restaurant. The owner and the other people working there were very friendly and proud of their restaurant, and rightly so. My husband and I were so pleased that we decided to try it! I had the lamb kabobs, accompained by grilled veggies and white rice topped with lentils and ground meat in a tangy red sauce, and they add a small salad on the side topped with a delicious herbed yogurt type dressing. The lamb was tender and flavorful, the grilled veggies (peppers, zucchini, onions, tomatoes) were just right, and the rice was a perfect compliment! My husband had lamb topped with rice mixed with carrots and raisins and loved it! We started off with the fried turnovers filled with scallions and potatoes, with a slightly spicy sauce for dipping that set off the flavors perfectly. Luckily (or not, depending how you look at it!) the kids were able to get pizza and burgers -- so while they missed out on our delicious food, they were able to get something they liked, too. Oh yes -- I shouldn't forget the bread -- warm, delicious, and addictive! On top of that, the portions were large but the prices weren't! I would highly recommend this place. It is casual and homey on the inside with Afghan items displayed throughout the restaurant, and those of you who used to go to Tonelli's while it was there will see the difference -- the new owners really cleaned it up and it looks so much better. This is a place we will definitely be visiting again!

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  1. Delighted to read about your recent dining experience. My daughter is a vegetarian. Are there sufficient veggie options, do you think?

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      Off hand, I would say there aren't many veggie options -- However, the owner told me while I was there that they could make practically anything I wanted. They do offer lots of meals accompanied by various veggie sides and grilled veggies, and they do pastas there as well, so I would be pretty confident in saying that he could whip up some pretty yummy veggie dishes on the spot!

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        Im looking forward to trying this place. I also saw an article about it on

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          I ended up trying Yalda Kabob this week. We were seated at a table and then placed our order of an appetizer and three entrees. The waiter did not realize until after he was about to give us our check that he never brought out the appetizer that was ordered. He was apologetic about it, though. As for the food, it was ok. Maybe it depends on what dish you order, but certainly the chicken kabob was not very good. It was way over-spiced. The other members of our party felt the same way about their kabobs. Based on the rave reviews here, I was hoping for better especially after waiting over 30 minutes for our food.

          As far as kabobs go, I think Zep's in Northeast Philadelphia and Bitar's (multiple locations) are significantly better.

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          you are absolutely right about that Janice he can make just about anything on the spot. For the vegetarians that are interested in trying Yalda ask about the eggplant/squash florentine it is absolutely delicious. Or a simple grilled veggie platter no mtter which you choose you will not be dissapointed.

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          Karen i am very confident that Yalda can work something oout for your daughter bring her and try us out.

        4. I read this post and also the article on and decided to try this restaurant last night based on the overall great reviews. As we drove up, I realized that the restaurant was in a dingy and dinky shoping center off of Route 611 (starting to get skeptical....). As we walked into the restaurant, I noticed that it was a converted pizza place and retained all of the pizza place charm (getting more skeptical.....). The menu was varied full of some traditional Afghan dishes but three were also alot of pizzas, sandwiches, and things covered in mozzarella cheese (skeptism growing....). We placed our order and waited nearly 25 minutes for our appetizer (skeptism turning into annoyance....). After a bit of time our waiter came over and apologized the kitchen did not see our order so there was a delay. And then, the food came out......

          OH MY GOD! The food was absolutely incredible. Any skeptism I had was wiped away with my first bite. We had an appetizer of grilled eggplant with tomatos and a yogurt-y sauce. My husband had the lamb with raisins and carrots topped with a spicy beef and lentil sauce. I had chicken in a brandy sauce with meat filled dumplings and a side of grilled vegetables. We had a citrusy pudding topped with pistachios and spices for dessert. This was home cooking at its best. Also, there were about 5-6 other tables in the restaurant and we overheard them absolutely raving about how delicous the food was as well. We found out the restaurant is family owned and the mom makes all of the appetizers and desserts and the dad makes the entrees. The sons work the tables. Everyone was so friendly. The prices were downright cheap. My husband lived in center city for a bit and he said it reminded him of the delicous corner hole-in-the-wall ethnic places that you find in the city, but he misses now that he lives in the burbs. I would absolutely go there again. I LOVED THIS PLACE!!!!!

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            My husband and I just ordered from there again last night! Loved it just as much this time! They recognized us from before and were even friendlier than the last time and the huge meal we ate cost us all of $26 bucks!

          2. My husband and I went to Yalda Kabob & Grill on Friday evening. We,like AmblerGirl, waited about 30 minutes for our appetizer, which only arrived after we mentioned something when our entrees arrived. So appetizer followed entrees by about 10 minutes. They were both delicious! The salad is just bagged lettuce turning slightly brown, but the dressing was home made and good. My husband had a dumpling dish of ground meat and mint in a yougurt/meat sauce. It was very delicate and tasty. I had a chicken in"special sauce" which was tomato based with spices and lentil. It also was delicious and the grilled veggies rounded the meal out nicely. Our server was very friendly and apologetic about the "forgotten" appetizer. Hopefully after they are open awhile this will all work out.He explained they are going to expand into the vacated pet store next door. So maybe they will hire more servers because the 2 men there were constantly busy.

            1. Hey everyone..thanks for trying our food at Yalda's Grill Kabob. This lady came in to our restaurant and she told us about this website and I came home and i made sure to check it out and i am pleased...thanks for your support..we wanted to find a good location where people don't have to travel all the way downtown for a nice dinner...we have been open for about four months now and business is picking up well. Im the oldest son and my father and i talked about expanding the store before winter hits. my father has forty nine years of experience, with cooking fine meals. and my mother has been cooking Afghani food all her life. so we decided to combine both there skills in a restaurant. "Worked out well".......When we first started out, business was slow and after people started to talk about us we started picking up slowly. Then David Mitchell and his wife had gave us a surprise visit. They tried our food and loved it David told us that he writes reviews in the Trend newspaper, and told us he would do so for our father told him please write the truth. and he did. BINGO. as soon as the review went out. we got busy like crazy. so if there were long waits for the food we apologize. We were not expecting that at all. we just hired two people for Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Their will be three to four servers and me and my brother will be helping dad out in the kitchen. If any questions please ask i will stay in touch and on this site.. :) p.s THANKS TO EVERYONE

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                based on these reviews, my husband and I will definately be trying this place out!

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                  What does Yalda stands word. What I mean where is the word comming from.

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                    I believe it is someone's name.

                    As an update, the shopping center is not as dingy as it used to be, and the front of the entire strip has been given a facelift. Everything else has remained the same, however.

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                      I still love Yalda but I have to say I'm a bit turned off by the existence of the lunch buffet.... it makes it seem like a low end indian joint....

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                          Yes, the last time I was there they had a buffet set up - salad, a few chicken dishes, their fabulous roasted eggplant appetizer, etc. I still think their regukar menu is better though (though I must have eaten an entire plate of that eggplant). I forget how much it was, maybe $10?

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                        I have only eaten two dishes at Yalda--and they are both so good I won't try anything else! I'm not a kabob person--I always find the meat/chicken to be too tough and/or dry, the few times I've ordered it anywhere. If you want to truly enjoy your dinner at Yalda, as an appetizer try Baunjaun Bouranee--grilled eggplant, green peppers and tomatoes with a seasoned sauce with yogurt and home made bread. I could order 2 servings of this and have it as an entree! But then I wouldn't be able to order Murgh Jaan--sauteed boneless breast of chicken with spinach and musrooms topped with mozzarella, with a lemon wine sauce. Wonderful! I've had dinner at Yalda many times, but this is all I've ever tried. Can't speak to the other dishes, though..

                  2. The kabobs are great - even the chopped meat, which I normally shun. I had a bunch prepared 1/2 cooked for take-out so I could finish them on the barbeque at home - deelish. The owner and sons were very cooperative. $50 easily bought enough food to feed 6. Transferred to serving bowls, it looked like we had been coooking and marinating for days. When my guests were stuffed and happy, I confessed that our feast was store-bought. Vegetarians can get by with the grilled vegees, and delicous eggplant and yoghurt dishes.