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Aug 3, 2007 03:46 PM

New Strip Center: Braker @ N. Lamar

There is a new pho joint called Pho Danhn (or similar...I was exceeding the speed limit when I whizzed past) with a Grand Opening sign out front. There is also a space, not yet open, with the name Exotic Thai. Does anyone have the dirt on the new Thai place, and has anyone tried the new pho joint?
Also, there is a new ostería, can't recall the lengthy name, which has taken root in the old Ba Lé location on N Lamar, just north of Research. Friends recommend it, and it had a good crowd when I glanced today on a drive-by...any details?

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  1. Chowhound now has this great feature that lets you search the board. I recalled that Pho Danh was mentioned a couple of days ago, and the search netted me this link:

    I'm not overly eager to try it based on that dismissal, but I, too, would be interested in hearing other opinions and more detailed descriptions.

    1. There's a place that the same Chinese couple here at work that highly recommended AsiaCafe, say is their new favorite chinese food in Austin for authenticity - it's China BBQ or something akin to that. It's in that North Lamar China Village place you're talking about with the huge Market in the back. I haven't yet been, but it's on my list. I haven't tried the Thai or Viet offerings though.

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        Sounds like they're talking about First China BBQ. Next to Asia Market, it's my favorite. I think that their roast duck is far superior to Din Ho. It's juicier, and it has a lot more flavor to the meat than Din Ho does, but that's just my opinion. I prefer Din Ho's pork to First China though, so maybe I'm just weird.

        Wait, I'm definitely weird.