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Delivery sushi and chinese in Arlington?

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What are some good delivery places in the Arlington area? I'm in Arlington Heights, near Mass Ave...and I love, love, love spicy food!

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  1. In Arlington, Mr Sushi does very good, basic sushi, IMO, and delivers. for Chinese, I bet Chili Garden in Medford delivers to Arlington, good, and very spicy!

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      agree strongly on mr. sushi. it's solid. not the best, not too expensive. but you're not in boston, you can park, and it's pretty damn good.

    2. Great Wok

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        Thank you.

      2. Shanghai Village on Mass. Ave. is very good.

        1. Mifune delivers and their sushi is pretty good for the price (cheap). If you want spicy, Szechuan Bay in Somerville delivers to me in East Arlington - you'd have to check and see if they go out to Arlington Hts.

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            Mifune is a good suggestion also because they have both Chinese and sushi on the same menu. For just chinese, I like Great Wok.