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Aug 3, 2007 03:31 PM

Waterlogged lobster (moved from General Topics)

This is the first time I cooked 4 chick lobsters and the claws were falling apart wet. The lobster salad I made was wet, wet, wet. Drained as I shucked the meat, but although tender, the meat seemed waterlogged. I now have the lobster sitting at a 45degree angle to try to drain it off.

anyone see this before?

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  1. I cut the tips off of the claws and drain before starting to shuck. There is always a lot of fluid that drains out.

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    1. re: Cathy

      Thanks Cathy, But it really wasn't the fluid in the shells as much as the waterlogged meat. A mediocre lobster roll is better than most bought elsewhere!

      Just never saw this overwhelming condition that proved most clawmeat useless - knuckles were salvaged.

    2. If your lobster came from New England, I suspect you got hold of a "new shell" lobster. These are always inferior, IMO (they tend to be watery and mushy),and should be avoided. Try again later in August, or September.

      1. Just after the lobster molts, it swells it's meat with water to fill out the new shell. Nothing you can do about it, except to make sure you get a hard shell lobster. From what I recall, lobster molt mostly during the summer, but not all at once or all summer long. So in any given tank there should be both hard and soft shells. (Not as "soft" as soft-shell crabs, but with a lot more give to the shell than normal). I always ask for a hard shell; usually the guy says OK but doesn't really do anything. When he hands me the bag with the lobster in it, I'll squeeze around the middle. If it's soft, I don't buy it.

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        1. re: sbp

          I never heard this before. Thank you for the post - I really learned something useful.

        2. thanks everyone for your replies. yes they were softshell, but I never experienced this type of waterlogg. Poor buggah's must have just changed their shells, althought they were normal softshell. Stickin to the hardshell to make up for this next time!!!