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Aug 3, 2007 03:03 PM

Good Chinese Restaurant with Lobster


I hope it's not too late in the day to throw question about good chinese restaurant for dinner? We would love to have some wok fried lobster. Heard a lot about O Mei, but we welcome any suggestions! :)

Thank you!

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  1. wah sing on baldwin does an excellent can get in either lemon ginger or black bean sauce. I believe weekends are two for one. We always enjoy our meal there.

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    1. re: millygirl

      on baldwin, we go to hua sang (the one in the basement). their ginger and garlic lobster is excellent!

    2. Why bother trying the rest if O'Mei offers the best?! Guess SkylinerR33 and Royaljelly can both confirm the recommendation. Be sure to check out the 'market price' and ask the owner/chef Ringo how the lobster should be treated. Enjoy!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        First time we tried O-Mei the lobster was undersized , for what we ordered,and dry.
        Tried it with a huge lobster, (3 1/2 pounds, I think) and it was delicious.
        Still too dry for my taste, but very sweet and perfectly cooked.
        Following another recommendation of Charles, we went to Maple Yip, and loved the food and have been back several times, including this evening.
        Their lobsters are not large, so I am not necessarily recommending it as the best lobster, but the lobster was perfectly cooked, not expensive and the sauce was abundant.
        We are working our way through the menu, and they are even translating the specials for us.
        We had giant scallops in their shell to-night, and they made them for us two ways.
        Because of the heat we stayed with steamed seafoods, and greens.
        A most satisfactory meal.
        The entire staff is pleasant, and they make us feel very comfortable, despite the fact that we are not Chinese.

        1. re: erly

          Where is Maple Yip? I haven't heard of that one before, so I'm interested in trying it out too.

          1. re: Royaljelly

            Midland and Sheppard.
            South East corner, but you turn into it on Sheppard not Midland.
            There is a small strip plaza, and you drive behind it.
            It is Cantonese, and very reasonably priced..

          2. re: erly

            Glad you enjoy Maple yip's cuisine, Erly. Next time, try ordering their 'Double boiled whole winter melon soup with assorted seafood'' ( one day notice ). Pretty sure you'll love itt!
            Regarding O'Mei's House Secret Speciality Lobster dish. I understand they use the Chinese 'Dry Pan Roasting' technique to cook the crustacean which would result in the lobster being coated in a glazed reduction rather than being smouthered in a sauce.

          3. re: Charles Yu

            Agree Omei is one great choice for all kinds of seafood !

            I dined at the new stirred fly restaurant called Top Choice (阿一) in the plaza at Kennedy & 7, it has a line up for table even on a wednesday night ! Those dishes I tried are ok, and their Lobster is like $13 per lb. But I did not try it that night, wonder anyone try it ?

          4. King's Garden on Front St is amazing. Authentic Chinese.

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            1. re: grilledcheese

              Thank you so much guys! This chowhound site is just awesome!

              Unfortunately, we were bit sidetracked with work that we did not get any chance to do so, on Friday night. Then we went out of town for the weekend and just got back. But we are going this weekend for sure.

              Thanks again.

              1. re: ceciel

                Dragon Dynasty makes a very good lobster.
                They give you several choices, including steamed.
                Forgot to mention it earlier.

            2. Just got back form O-mei and had an excellent dinner as always! Had a 3 pound lobster, steamed fish and some veggies.
              I haven't been to O-mei for almost 3 months, so I almost forgot how good the Lobster is. I know a lot of people don't like the dry style, but oh my... I don't see how lobster can taste any better then it does at O mei. I am usually a very lazy eater, but the flavour was so good on the lobster I really got my hands messy and dug out every piece of meat this time.

              Really the best choice for Chinese Lobster in Toronto! The steamed fish (laap yu) was really really amazing as well.

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              1. I see a lot of Chinese sestaurant postings on this board, probably too many but rarely see this quesiton asked. Is it a fair assumption to say that most Chinese restos use MSG? Don't get me wrong I love the food, just curious.

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                1. re: Apprentice

                  Speaking of Hua Sang on Baldwin...We were really, really disappointed with the lobster in black bean sauce we ordered. I could not understand why so much sauce was used (it was overwhelming) but then I realized that perhaps the cooks thought the sauce would cover up the missing lobster! We found very tiny pieces of lobster meat (attached to the shell) but no decent sized pieces at all. I think they removed the bulk of the lobster meat and just figured we wouldn't notice. Honestly, we were really disgusted. I understand these are not large lobsters but it was just pathetic.

                  The other dishes did not stand out at all- the vegetable fried rice was very greasy, and lackluster, the hunan chicken was nothing special...I just don't get it.

                  1. re: czthemmnt

                    Best I've had is the dry, "hong kong" style lobster at Xam Yu. AWESOME!!!

                  2. re: Apprentice

                    Hua Sang is the one in the basement right? if so i'd say their lobster is amazing...the black bean sauce one kinda sucks, you gotta get the ginger and scallion one or whatever. their seafood is very good overall...steamed fish, oysters, soft shell crabs...they got this filet mignon in chinese sauce that's really good too. those are usually the standard dishes i get whenever i go with friends, and we always devour everything on the table. i find their chinese seafood to be quite well done all in all...

                    1. re: Piggy Smalls

                      Yup, we went to the one in the basement for the black bean lobster.