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Aug 3, 2007 02:47 PM

Help Me Decide....Mistral or No. 9 Park

We will be in Boston for the labor day weekend. We are trying to decide which of these restaurants to book for Saturday night. I looked at the menus on line for each, and Mistral seems to have a wider selection. But everyone seems to agree that No. 9 Park is the best restaurant in Boston. Any opinions?

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  1. No. 9 Park is the better overall experience -- more elegant, better execution -- but you can't go wrong with either.

    1. im a big supporter of #9. great service, food is good, simple yet elegant atmosphere, one of the best wine lists in the city, and excellent classic cocktails... much better experience.
      i think mistral is tired. the menu has been the same since day one practically and to be honest, i have always left there trying to figure out what the draw really is. the service is good, its a great space but, the food is just average.

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        I agree that "tired" describes Mistral well. They are now running an occasional appetizer special, but that's about it in terms of changing up the menu.

        Go to #9. It is one of the top fine-dining restaurants in the city. Enjoy.