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Aug 3, 2007 01:31 PM

Difference between 27" and 30" oven?

I just bought a new house and it came with a really beat up double oven from the 70's. I want to replace it. It is a 27" oven. I would prefer a wider 30" oven, but it would require a lot of cabinet work to make it fit. Can I get away with a 27" oven? Do regular baking sheets fit? what size chicken / turkey will fit inside? IWondering if I can get away with it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Do I understand that your new house already has a 27" oven? Have you tried putting your own baking sheets into it to see if they fit? Ditto for the chicken/turkey in question.

    If, for some reason, you are unable to do this, have you visited a store that carries 27" ovens to see if all of the above fit? This seems to be the most logical plan since none of us on CH know exactly what you can or cannot get away with. You can answer this best for yourself.

    I wish you Good Luck.

    1. You can live with the 27, but it isn't fun. As Sherri said, take your own pans and go to anyplace that sells them and has display models and see how much better the 30 is to decide if you want to spend the extra bucks for the extra 3 inches. Most (at least many) manufacturers make both a 27 and a 30 version of their various models, so other aspects ought to be similar. Also, with convection, even a smaller space at the edge will probably be enough do get the hot air where you want it, which may help if you decide to stick with the 27.

      If you're going to redo the cabinets, maybe you should be thinking about a 36!

      1. I went from a 30" in our old house to a 27" wall oven in our new much better house except for the oven size, and I'm doing OK, but then there's just two of us and frequent dinner parties of 4-6. All my pans and sheets fit in, but sometimes I have to do some juggling. We did a 24lb turkey last Thanksgiving. I suppose it depends on the kind of cooking you do. Changing the oven size would be impossible on this house without a major kitchen redo, so I make do. There are worse things in life, I suppose ;-)

        1. all 27" ovens are not the same.
          as suggested above, take your pans in to a showroom and see if they fit. i used to demonstrate a particular brand (not sure if i'm allowed to say which), and the internal capacity of that brand's 27" wall oven would fit pans that would not fit into the competitor's 27". (the difference was thickness of the side walls..because of a fan cooling system, this brand did not need as thick a wall for insulation, so the internal capacity was greater.)

          1. I found double 27" ovens here when I moved in. I replaced all the appliances except the ovens because the cabinets would need to be reworked. I cook quite a bit and have found that you can put a standard size cookie sheet in with about an inch or so to spare on the sides. I've had no problem with my largest pans, athough they are a tighter fit than I was used to. That said, the fact that there are two ovens eliminates the need to try to double up on individual shelves, so it is not necessary to move to a bigger oven size if you don't want to get involved with re-doing your cabinets.

            My advice would be to decide if you want to live with your cabinets or if you will want to change them out soon. If the answer is that you want to live with your cabinets, know that you can cook your Thanksgiving turkey and holiday cookies just fine in the 27 inchers, especially if you replace your old units with another pair of ovens. If all you had was a single oven, you might feel differently. If you want to change the cabinets, then you can justify the cabinet work.