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Aug 3, 2007 01:26 PM

Relaxing, Romantic dinner in/near Arlington 8/8/07

Will be in Arlington at Key Bridge Marriott next week...looking for relaxing, romantic, affordable place for dinner with a stressed-out huband. Prefer not too far from hotel, but am willing to ride the metro. I realize it is restaurant week, but not care if the place is participating or not... We do not prefer any partuicular cuisine, just somewhere with quiet atmosphere and good food. Thanks!

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  1. Walk across the bridge into Georgetown, and treat yourself to dinner at 1789 Restaurant. Search this board for many positive reviews.

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      Also, 1789 is doing a 3-courses for $36 summer special through September 11. If you go to their website you can print out the coupon. Great deal.

    2. You have some options. Georgetown is a short walk but I don't think of it as relaxing. There are a couple of good places fairly near your hotel in Arlington. Village Bistro and Rays the Steaks both fit the ambience you seek and are in the same small shopping center. See below for a (somewhat dated) review of Village Bistro.

      Also, the bar/restaurant atop the Key Bridge Marriott, though not stellar, does offer a very rare nighttime view of DC and is worth investigation.

      Happy Dining!

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        If you don't want to walk across the Key Bridge (traveler is right, not exactly a relaxing stroll), there is a Georgetown Connector shuttle that actually stops at that hotel. It's $1.50 each way, which really isn't bad. Here's a link to some info on it:

        I used to take it all the time when I worked in Georgetown, it's pretty convenient, and TYPICALLY on time.

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          Much as I love Ray's (and I DO love Ray's), under no circumstances would I describe it as relaxing. They don't take res, so unless you want to stand outside (no room inside) and wait, in what will like be the class DC hot, hazy, and humid, for 30-60 minutes, depending on when you go, you have to get there before they open and put your name on the list. Most people don't find eating at 5:30 relaxing or romantic. Then it is a tiny, crowded place. The ambiance is "no ambiance." That's part of its charm. But it is not for everyone. And it is certainly not quiet. Ray's is what it is - the best steak in town, great sides, great deserts - the food is phenomenal at an unbelievable price. But not relaxing. Yes, I could buy romantic if this is your cup of tea. But if it isn't....

        2. I might suggest Willow in Ballston. Not too far from the hotel, but not walking distance. I've been once and I really liked it. The restaurant week menu looks good:

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            I really like Willow, and I love Sette Bello and Tallulah. I don't know what is participating in RW or not, but all those are great, Sette Bello can get crowded some nights, but I think with RW week going on if it's not participating it will be fine. Willow is right across from Ballston metro, Sette Bello right by the clarendon metro and tallulah would probably be closest to the Court House metro, but a cab might be your best bet for that one. If Restaurant Eve is participating in RW I would really highly suggest it, as well. IT is in Alexandria and wouldn't be a far cab ride either.

          2. Thanks to all for the suggesstions....we have a reservation for Sette Bello, and are looking forward to the meal!