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Aug 3, 2007 01:26 PM

Burmese? Malaysian?

Hello all,

All of a sudden I got a pronounced hankering for Burmese food. Any of you who have experienced Burmese Super Star up in San Francisco will know the particular sort of hankering of which I speak. My question is: Where might one find really outstanding Burmese or Malaysian food in the greater LA area. I know that there are many fans of the Singapore Banana Leaf stand in the Farmer's Market, though I'm not the hugest fan, and their selection is (obviously) quite limited. If anyone might be able to provide some guidance, it would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The Belacan Grill - Redondo Beach

    Does the linked/posted menu have what you're looking for:

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      Yazmin on Main St in Alhambra is good home-style Malaysian food, but I would currently give the edge to Belacan Grill in Redondo Beach as well...

      1. re: bulavinaka

        And I'll give a third to Belacan.

    2. For Burmese, hounds have recommended Golden Triangle Restaurant in Whittier. I went there once, and really enjoyed it (though I lack any benchmarks for Burmese food).

      I have no idea about how it compares to Burmese Super Star in San Francisco but that's something you could tell us! (I really liked Lisa Bee's review)

      Golden Triangle
      7011 Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90602

      1. I'd be interested in your opinion of Jasmine in Culver City.

        Jasmine Market and Deli
        4135 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230

        1. Golden Triangle in Whittier is good for Burmese. My dad is from Burma and says it's pretty authentic. We used to go to Romantic Steak House before it closed. The Ginger Salad is amazing.

          For Malay food, we like Little Malaysia. My mom is from Singapore (born in Malaysia) and while it's not as good as eating the real thing, it's pretty good. If you like noodles in soup, their Laksa is pretty authentic. We all love their Mee Goreng. Banana Leaf is ok if you're in the area but we prefer to drive to Little Malaysia. (we live in SFV).

          Wow, I feel like this was the perfect post for me to reply to! LOL

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            If you'd like to see pics of some of the food at Burmese Triangle, check out the link below:


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              The Ginger Salad is absolutely the best stuff on the planet! The photos have me rethinking tomorrow evening's dinner plans.

          2. Wow! I have to thank everyone for such great suggestions. And so prompt too! For those who had asked about Burma Super Star in SF, it seems as if Golden Triangle in Whittier is a pretty darn close equivalent. They have a ginger salad there as well that was very nearly life changing, as well as a really wonderfully pungent and satisfying pork curry that brought tears to my eyes. The fact that the various salads we had (they specialize in several varieties) came with crispy fried onions atop mounds of nuts, greens, carrots and ginger only made things that much more overwhelming. So, I see a trip to Whittier in the near future for me.

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              Burma Super Star is one of my favorite restaruants of all time. Yes, and I found God inside of that pork curry. Their tea leaf salad is beautiful Everytime I go to the bay area, I buy a bunch of dishes and take them on the plane back to LA for lunch the next day.
              I'm yet to try the Golden Triangle but I once emailed Jonathan Gold about where to get that tea leaf salad in the Southland and that was his be good. wish there was a place in LA proper.

              1. re: vittus

                I had totally forgotten about that tea leaf salad! Yes, that is precisely the sort of thing I've been looking for! Now that there's a chance that I can find it (maybe) at the Golden Triangle, that seals the deal. Yes, I agree it's too bad it's not in LA proper, but perhaps for a bit of an adventure out to the southeast...

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                  from my first trip to Golden Triangle... where we were lucky to have tried both the tea leaf and ginger salads. Excellent!