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Aug 3, 2007 01:17 PM

Blacksburgh, Virginia

Hope this is the correct area to post, but we'll be at Virginia Tech this weekend and hope someone could make a couple of recommendations for the area. Thanks-

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  1. You may want to do a search on this board but more likely on the South board. Also, you should lose the "h". :-)

    1. Just saw your posting today. Curious what you did find out. Care to share?

      1. there is cabo fish taco place in blacksburg
        super good
        great for outdoor seating

        1. Sorry about not getting back sooner, but thanks for the suggestions.

          Unfortunately, the street where many of the restaurants are located-I think that it's Main St-was closed Fri and Sat because of an arts festival. So, on sat we ate at our hotel(The Inn at Virginia Tech) which was very good if a little expensive(for dinner, but lunch was reasonable). We also ate Saturday at Bogen's across from the campus. Lots of choices, fun and inexpensive(but i can imagine pretty crowded on a football Saturday night).

          Finally, we ate at Joe's Diner on Sunday- a greasier spoon never existed!! But for atmosphere and Americana, it can't be beat. Good hamburger, great french toast and an omelettet that could start your car if it runs out of oil.

          If we're ever back in Blacksburg or Radford though, it's the 1st place we'll go to...